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December 2018

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Dear Dayre,Today is one of the best days I had with Joash. It was so great I enjoyed every minute that I spent with him and it felt like it was a really fruitful day even though we didn’t really do much and with a great sense of satisfaction 💪🏻 I wish my SAHM journey would very much be how it’s like today on most days. ❤️

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A-team; Thank you for all the opportunities given. ❤️ Some of you may (or may not) have known where I was working at while I try to be as low profile as possible... today I am sharing this photo taken just yesterday at our office during our Christmas Party...

I’ve never felt this tired in my life before. I think tired is an understatement. So tired that I want to give up on breastfeeding cause I just want to sleep. Joash is probably very very traumatised by the hospital stay he changed ever since the stay. He usually sleeps throughout and wakes up once for night feed, that’s it. But now? He wakes up every 2 hourly and cry murder. Crying so loudly and screaming till his voice is hoarse.

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I think we’re running out of luck here 😢 So.. we were all suppose to fly off to KL for our family trip today but since Joash is down, Aeshlyn will continue to fly with my dad, sis and my BIL to meet up with my mum who’s already there with my brother... I thought God had it all planned so that at least we can take care of Joash and not worry about Aeshlyn... Guess what?

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Joash is hospitalised. 💔

I haven’t cried this much. I’m torn. 💔

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