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June 2019

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Hubby is away on work trip for 8d8n. Solo parenting for the week again. I’m 50% done!It’s funny how when the day starts with my baby crying for me to get him out of the cot, I semi-dread what will happen for the day. Attached to the baby, no time to nap, having to keep him entertained and pacifying him (he’s really cranky these days; i blame it on the leap!). Sometimes counting down to his bedtime already.

So pek cek! The photo upload function is still not working for me!

Saw my pay that was credited into my bank today... it’s less than half of what I used to get.. and next month onwards, i wont be getting a single cent anymore cos I’ll be on no-pay leave till end of Jan 2020 (or maybe longer?).Officially a SAHM now!#dayremummies

Motherhood is such a funny thing.Just when you think you are starting to nail it, you regress.

May 2019

Is it the 4th month sleep regression starting?

Bring him over here so that we can carry/play

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