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I talked to John Legend.

So here it is.

After 4 months, I can finally let the secret out of its bag. In good timing too, I was about to burst from keeping it in!

My client.





When that email came..

..from his manager, I reread it so many times to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.

In fact, i might have thought it was John Lennon at first. 🀦🏻‍♀️ he has already passed away so I don’t know what I was thinking lol.

But JY was like OMG John Legend as in the singer of ‘All of Me’???? 😱

And that’s when it clicked. OHHHH.

This project is going to be LEGENDARYYYY. Ahaha.


A skype voice call was arranged between me and the man. And I was so excited i had JY film it all down.

I would show the video of me sitting in my tee and tattered shorts trying to play it cool while obviously prancing around the computer with excitement. But I don’t want to get in trouble for divulging confidential info so let’s just picture it in our heads. πŸ˜„

When the computer rang (ya not the phone lol), i think i let out a squeal haha! “Hello Jocelyn?” John had a deep and smooth voice that just exuded confidence man. Or maybe they all sound like that from Hollywood? Hahah.

I was trying to give my impression that I was calm and composed, not caring that I was talking from someone from the big H at all. LOL.

So anyway, we discussed the ideas he had, and he wanted me to create a birthday gift for his wife, Chrissy Teigen. Because apparently Chrissy likes miniature food and she introduced me to him?? 😱😱😱

Actually I was SO relieved that he wanted food miniatures, i was half-worried he’ll ask for a human figurine and I’ll have to reject the chance of a lifetime.

The gift was to be centred around Chrissy’s cookbook, and I told him with the short time we had (4months), I could only max make 15 miniature replicas of the dishes in there.

So I asked for him to send over the cookbook, and it was later couried to me from LA in a few days!

Anyway when the call ended, me and JY just looked at each other and then danced around with mad disbelief that THAT just happened in our humble BTO flat. That John Legend’s voice was ringing out in our living room. πŸ˜†


Sorry post at an abrupt standstill because it just dawned on me that I might not have saved any of my photos from iPhoto library when I sold my Mac.

Stupidly thought iPhoto is like an app which I could download on my new Mac. Where my photos would still be.

Which means all my phone photos from the last few years are ALL GONE, because the buyer already formatted the computer. ☠️

Including all the progress photos for Project Legend. OMG. HOWWWWWW.


Sowwee to all campers.

I just had a good cry over the loss of data due to my stupidity. πŸ˜’ JY was totally shocked because i climbed back into bed exclaiming,”i didn’t save the photos shitttt.”, and then grabbed a tissue and covered my face.

And then burst into tears. 😭

I did a check and I have only progress photos for 3 out of 15 dishes, because everything before 22 sep 2017 is gone. 😒


Shall stop crying over spilt milk. (I might have to spend $700 to recover whatever data I can and I’m torn if I should spend the money as it’s not a guaranteed recovery.)

So where was i. Let me get back to that cheery mood before my nasty realisation.
πŸ€ͺ—> 😩 —> πŸ˜„

Ah so after I received the cookbook, I threw myself into looking through all the photos within as she had SO MANY recipes.

And then based on the details of each dish, I chose 15 dishes which would have a varied look!

Unfortunately I don’t have the progress pictures of my first 12 miniature food dishes, so here’s starting from end September when I was on my last run of the project!

Here I’m creating the dishware for the chicken satay. And usinh the metal paint which @doubleoxm kindly lent me! I got her help on what kind of paint to use for polymer clay because I was a total noob with that. Usually I only painted very tiny portions of my works if required.

There were some recipes which I actually created in real life, especially those which I couldn’t just buy at external food vendors.

Here’s a sweet chilli chicken wing haha.

I followed the recipes Chrissy provided, and man I was impressed with the final taste! I only experimented with a few recipes but those that I did, I was truly blown.

So if you love to cook, really do consider getting her cookbook Cravings. Plus, she’s very frank and hilarious and it shows in her writing in the recipes.

Nekkid chicken. πŸ˜›

Before slapping on the paints and gooey ‘chilli sauce’.

Check out the heavily earmarked cook book at the back.

With the doggie post-sticks @doubleoxm gave me from her Japan trip as well! 😍

I made hasselback potatoes using Chrissy Teigen’s recipe and IT WAS SO GOOD.

Quite easy peasy also! And kinda fun to cut the potatoes, and later when i had to do it in miniature scale.

Work in progress for the tiny potatoes, before the colouring and ‘grated cheese’.

A really hastily taken photo of the works before I packed them up and sent them off!

Packed them all in tissue for maximum protection. 😝

Shipping plus duties and insurance costed a hefty $400+! 😳 but John Legend was happy to pay for protection thankfully, i covered the shipping part.

Washi all over to make sure nothing comes apart!

Thankfully I used my DSLR to take photos of the sculptures after they were all completed, and not my phone! If not they would all be gone and floating somewhere in black hole of Deleted Things In Cyberspace.

I have so many more pictures to share because I took all of them individually posed against the photo in the cookbook. But here’s one of most of them posed together!

Actually I was in quite a rush to send them out and didn’t leave much time for taking photos! 😣 My time management still leaves much to be desired.

There were so many ideas I had of how to photograph or video them that ran through my mind when I was working on them. But too bad I left phototaking to the last step, and unluckily that period was rainy weather! So I only had little pockets of sunshine time to shoot with, and simple photos were all I did before I sent them off with the DHL guys.

This shot has ALL fifteen of them in shot but erm so small I don’t think you all can see hahah. Unless you read Dayre on a 50” tv ahah.


Chrissy’s reaction 😍

This was so precious. And I’m so thankful she recorded this in her snapchat so that I can relive this happiness over and over!

Taken from Chrissy Teigen’s Snapchat.

Part one. That’s John Legend talking in the background. πŸ˜†

Part two.

I was seriously beaming from cheek to cheek everytime I replayed the video hahaa. It’s not often I get a customer reaction video, just ultra warm and fuzzy to hear someone appreciating your works.

Plus she wrote ‘best gift ever’. 😭😭😭

All those hours and efforts, WORTH EVERY SECOND AND OUNCE. πŸ˜„

Forgot to include this video which Chrissy took the morning after!

She is so cute. ♥️

And I’m hoping more of my customers film reaction videos to their orders, it truly makes my day!

Thank you everyone for your hearty congratulations! I think i get married also not so many people happy HAHAHA.

Seriously, I was actually quite down earlier because of the years of photos being lost. But with the comments and likes pouring in, my spirits were lifted again!


You guys ze best.

One last thing.

Chrissy/John didn’t mention AiClay so nothing was picked up by the media. πŸ˜… To be completely honest to you guys, I had hoped I’ll gain some followers on Instagram when Chrissy finally received her gift but erm don’t have leh LOL. My friends around me who knew about the secret didn’t help in managing expectations also la haha.

They all kept telling me crazy stuffs like OH MAN you’re going to be huge! Maybe she’ll fly you over to meet her! Maybe next is Tom Cruise! 🀣🀣🀣

SIAO eh.


But hopefully, this would be a small butterfly effect in an avalanche, to set off a ripple and have more people around the world knowing about Singapore and what we have to offer in the arts! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ ♥️

We aren’t all about clean roads and banning of chewing gum ok? πŸ˜‰

Also, to all of you makers out there. NOTHING is impossible.

If my tiny works created in my humble HDB can end up in a (I’m guessing lavish) home of a Hollywood celebrity, who’s to say who might chance across YOUR works next! πŸ€”

The power of Internet is amazing, physical boundaries are broken down with the click of a mouse, swipe of a finger.

Let’s all work hard at our crafts and be prepared for the opportunities that would leap at us when we’re least expecting it! πŸ’ͺ🏼

Day 337

Sunday, 3 Dec 2017

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vousvousappelez omg such excitement!!!

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jasminegreenmilktea Omg 😱😱😱

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ppopsyp so exciting!!!!!

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sweetpea Omgoodness!!!!

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Joyre HAHAHA OMG cant imagine the excitement HAHA

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jojobeans SO AMAZING!!!!!

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amazingq OMG this is so cool!!! John and Chrissy seem like such a cool couple too, I always see articles about their relationship on fb.

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flyeetelfly Omg! I hope you manage to retrieve your photos somehow!

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hollibear Omgggggg camping

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joopleberry Were your iPhoto photos backed up to iCloud?

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