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I make tiny food that you can't eat.❤01686

May 2018

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A story about apples.

It’s wonderful to see mature conversations which share different POVs about the burning topic/s in Dayre now. And it reminded me that..I do have my own story about reselling I want to share.

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Hello everyone!Returned to this land which I’ve forsaken for some time, because admittedly i was lured back by the scent of drama happening here. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t enjoy reading about drama which I’m not involved in, I’m kaypoh that way. 😬ANYWAY. I’m not sure how many people still read this but wow it feels like forever.Randonly, here’s a miniature tuna cheese sandwich.

March 2018

you ask, I answer.

@alienesque: Have you ever sculpted something halfway through and scrapped it?

February 2018

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AMA ♥️

Not American Music Awards ah..Ask me anythingggggg! 😄I thought this was a good bandwagon to jump on, as Dayre’s days could be numbered, and no better time than now for me to have some interaction with the lovely people who read my ramblings.(I do have a huge workshop to prepare for, so i MIGHT end up only answering these on Friday, but do comment below with any of your questions, big or small!)

Sleep-full mornings of a self-employed.

Don’t you just hate dreams in which you run as fast as your legs can take you, and soar through the air, but whoever’s chasing you manages to catch up everytime?It’s so very tiring.This time I was some uncle running away from army soldiers, and then dogs, and then bounding away into forests and scaling walls.Gave up sleeping and finally woke up, pretty relieved when my eyes eventually flashed open after the incessant chasing. ——————

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