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saturday adventures! ☕️🏛😋✌🏻

Last weekend adventure with Ian! A much needed coffee break to kickstart our Saturday afternoon 😋

Visited Brawn & Brains Coffee for the first time and thought the cappuccino Ian ordered was nubbad. But my mocha was a-okay onlyyyy.

Had a lemon pistachio cake because we were greeeedy, heh. Love the tart taste of the cake!

And somehow...we arrived at The National Gallery! haha. Since we have the gallery insider card, we would visit the gallery every now and then, just to maximize our membership 😂

It’s free entry to all exhibitions (even to the paid ones) if you’re a “Gallery Insider”!

Hello there 👋🏻

The new exhibition in Oct was a festival of international film showcase, which we were not very interested in 😅

But our random exploration led us to the Children museum/exhibitions! “A whole new world” for us...haha. Visited the gallery quite a few times and it’s our first time exploring the children exhibitions 😂

This little boy is super adorable! Just when he was exclaiming to Ian that the tower he built was so high that it will drop, Ian’s tower fell soon after 😂

Wise word from the little boy 👦🏻


Haha some random ink printing room which taught the kids about ink-print!

I loveeeeee this room that was filled with many colorful installations! It’s no wonder the kids are all running around happily/freely 😂

So pretty isn’t it 😍



Belated anniversary dinner at Merci Mercel Club Street! I’ve heard so much good things about this place, we decided to forgo our White Rabbit reservations for this...😅


Love love love the interior of the cafe! I was telling Ian we should should totally get inspiration from the cafe for our future home, haha.

Overhead from the waiter sharing with the other customers that this outlet was opened because of the success of their Tiong Bahru outlet.


We were pretty clueless on what to order at first, but nothing Instagram can’t help! Haha. My friend also recommended us to the steak (which was oh-soooooo-good), definitely a must order when you’re there 😋

#dayrefoodies #dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

😋: Mini Monsieur - it’s ham & cheese toastie? We wanted an appetizer to share, so we ordered this. A dish which I think one can skip...haha

😋: Duck Confit - this was pretty good! It’s shredded duck confit on a baked mash potato (describing it in layman terms btw! can’t remember what was the dish description, haha). Loveeeee the mash which goes pretty well with the savory duck!

😋: Cheese Ravioli (they had a proper name for this...but I don’t remember! haha) - this was quite da bomb!! Thankfully we ordered the smaller plate to share (they have it in 2 sizes), because it gets pretty jelat towards the end.
But it was reallyyyyy good - the cheese, the cream & the ravioli, we both really enjoyed this dish! It’s no wonder it’s one of the more popular dish we saw on Instagram!

😋: Grain fed Angus 🌟 And the Star for the night...the angus beef steak!

Our medium rare steak was done ahmazingggg. The hand cut potatoes & mushrooms were such perfect sides, the only complain we had was that it was not enough 😂 okay go be fair, it was just right...heh. Just that it was so good, we wanted more!

Teehee ✌🏻

We were belly full and belly happy from our sumptuous dinz! Didn’t give the desserts a go since we were reallyyyyy full. We even went for a stroll after dinner to “walk off” dinz. Heh. Love precious moments like this with him 😌

Thank you for being the sweetest ❤️

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Monday, 15 Oct 2018

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