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team excursion to habitat 🐝

Yesterday’s team excursion to habitat by honestbee! We were greeted with this pull up banner for us to download the app and sign up for an account in order for us to enter. You’ll need the “Bee Pass” that’s within the app as the “ticket” to this place!

Habitat is “the world's first tech-enabled, multi-sensory gastronomical experience by honestbee. See, smell, touch & taste fresh flavours and food items from across the globe at habitat by honestbee!” quoting Mr Goo 🐝

Haha everyone were quite hesitant or even resistant at first πŸ˜‚ but they try to make this process as smooth as they can by having a crew around to explain the procedures as well as providing free WiFi for one to download the app!

Wooooah 😯

Tadaaaaa, we were greeted with a pile of salted egg snacks! As we took the cab over, we came from the side of Habitat. Love how we were greeted with instructions and signs for us to have a clearer idea of what’s going on here (side note: it was an impromptu outing & we didn’t research much before coming! haha) 😍

Love the quirky and fun murals that’s all around! Their branding & collaterals are definitely on point πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Oh and this is a map you can grab if you enter from the front of Habitat! Love the illustrations on this floor plan/map, cheery as though it’s like an amusement park 🎑🎒🏰

We explored around abit! And they have quite a wide selections of everything 😍

So basically one will rely very much on your honestbee app for the shopping experience as well as making of payment!

For grocery shopping, if you’ve have less than 10 items, you can actually scan the items & pay on the app itself! But before that, one will have to top up your account by linking your card to it (Somewhat like grabpay or favepay!).

For f&b dining, you can place your order with the crew, and make payment using the app as well!

Morning cuppa β˜•οΈ

They have quite a few different dining concepts within Habitat & the best part is that they use the fresh produce that are available in the supermarket for their cafes/restaurants 😌

But one thing we were not sure about was efficiency of this model?

So for our coffee, we ordered it via the app and thought they would serve us the drink when it’s ready! There were waiter around assisting on the order and all. And we were happily waiting for our drinks.

After what felt like forever, the drinks were finally ready, and that’s because my colleague went over to check it with them πŸ˜…

It turns out for in-app order, your drinks will be in a takeaway cup, and you’ll have to collect it...but we were told otherwise. Haha. Thankfully we were the first few customers, imagine the place was crowded and all? Idk how hectic it will get πŸ€”

Oh & my colleague got them to change it back to the chio cups πŸ˜‚ we need the chio cup for our photo...HAHA

Unlike regular supermarket with the standard signages...Habitat have the cutest illustrations & inflatables (how brilliant!) as signs around. Love how the attention to design details are very much taken into consideration!

The mural 😍

Ohhhh and there was this random art gallery there as well!

They emphasize a lot on the fresh produce here!

Check out those inflatablesssss 😍 oh and the net is where the conveyor belt is at for the transportation of goods!

The seafood station was the most pop & I can totally understand why πŸ¦πŸ¦€πŸ™πŸŸ

S E A - R I O U S L Y
I N D E E D 🐟

My favorite part of Habitat 😍



We also joined the concierge tour half way!

p.s. the moss on the walls are actually realllll 😯

So this is how you can “Scan & Go”! Bought some snacks using the app, pretty fuss free & straight forward πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

“Our master chef will cook it for you!” πŸ‘¨‍🍳 you can simply pick up the raw ingredients here for the chef to whip up a dish for fun!

Here’s one of the restaurants which can help you with the cooking/preparation of the fresh ingredients!

This was one of the cafes that’s famous for their Japanese fluffy pancakes πŸ₯ž

The fun part! An automated self-checkout which got everyone excited, haha.

3 very simple steps! You don’t even have to scan your items in this case. Similarly put your items in the trolley, scan your “bee pass”, make payment via the app & await for your order to be packed!

The guide showing how to get it simple! *do the VISA dance* πŸ’ƒπŸ» hahaha

Haha trying out the trolley checkout option!

I’m totally a sucker for their quirky designs, luvvvvvvv it 😍

As they are a huge advocate of fresh produce, they actually grow their own veggies - naibai & kale to name a few! These fresh produce will then be used at the restaurants 🌱

Oh the fun part is that you can actually plant your own veggie! And when it’s fully sprouted, you can either bring it home or donate it to the restaurants. Quite a fun activity to do while waiting for you groceries!


We were asked to walk around and await for the notification to inform us when the items are ready for pick up!

The honestbee staff mentioned it’ll take about 5mins for packing? So we went straight to the collection point to wait since we already covered the place (& it was getting crowded by noon!)

The 5mins took much longer than expected? I think we waited for about 20mins before we received the notification for our groceries to be ready!

The robot (the little machine below) is the one responsible for bringing the our packed groceries to us πŸ€–


Chanced upon a “claw machine” & a “spin the wheel” booth! One can stand a chance to win honestbee merchandise from either one of the booth. Simply like habitat’s FB or IG page to have 1 try at either of the booth πŸ€—

The “spin the wheel” booth, which I went for instead! hahahahaha. That’s because I know my “track records” for the claw machine, I’d rather spin for a sure-win item, he he he. Gotten myself a cute bee inflatable 🐝

My snacks loot!! Gotten the “Habitat-exclusive” items since one can’t really get it from outside? Also scored some discounted snacks like the uncle toby’s & the cookies! They were heavily discounted because the expiry date is in Dec? Heh but I still got it since these snacks will be gone in no time, haha.

Oh and that’s the cutest bee inflatable which I got from the “spin the wheel” game, hehe 🐝

Half of the team ✌🏻

It was sure quite an experience at Habitat! And I can understand why we spent sooooo long in there, haha. Not too sure when will this be till, but if it’s around long enough and with a lesser crowd, I’ll prolly want to visit and try the restaurants the next time 😌

They are open as early as 8am! So if you wanna avoid the can be there that early on a weekday πŸ˜… haha. We were there at 9plus on their launch day & there were already customers streaming in!

p.s. If you’re heading over, do bring along your power bank! You’ll thank me for that, haha πŸ˜‚

#habitatsg #honestbee

Day 292

Friday, 19 Oct 2018

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chasingwaterfalls Hi amantha! πŸ‘‹πŸ» so fun one, the team outing!!

3 months ago

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ahmantha hello sereneeeee πŸ€— yessss, also an impromptu one, heh. Btw congrats on the arrival of your little landslet 😍 @chasingwaterfalls

3 months ago

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