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fancy birthday picnic 😌

Hmm why is this guy up early in the morning on my birthday weekend? 🤔

Heh, he was prepping for my birthday picnic!

Armed with all the barangs barangs for the picnic session! That’s not all actually, I was carrying 2 bags of stuff as well 😂 #allprepared

📍B O T A N I C G A R D E N S

Our #klook picnic mat we received from one of their road show came in handy for our picnic! The grass was still wet from the rain the day before? Thankfully we had this waterproof mat!

I was like oh-em-gee when I saw this picnic basket! This boy definitely up this game by putting in so much effort in this picnic. From the picnic menu, the music, the cutleries & the props (he even prepared flowers in a vase!! haha) 😮👍đŸģ

And here’s the menu:
😋 Homemade scramble eggs
😋 Tomato Soup
😋 Cheese & Cracker
😋 Smoked Salmon & Salami
😋 Mixed Berries
😋 Sparkling Water
😋 Homemade Lemonade

But first, a photo first 😂 always very amused with his pose when he’s trying to take a photo. #Instaboyfriend doing it right, hahahaha.

Very nice photo taken đŸ˜ŦđŸ˜Ŧ

(p.s. check out the flowers in the vase! Lol. It’s no wonder why we brought so many barangs barangs, haha)


#behindthescenes to our self-timer shot 😂

Trying out the self timer next! Yeaps, he brought a tripod for this as well...👍đŸģ

Oppsy, Ian couldn’t run into the shot in time đŸ¤Ŗ

Second shot was successful 🤗


Stuffing my face silly with the food he prepared 😂


Favorite combo: Smoked Salmon, Cheese & Cracker! Very yummeh 😋

Not forgetting the homemade lemonade he made! We mixed the sparkling water with this and it was really goooooood đŸĨ‚

Packed up just before the dark clouds come 😂 the weather was a little pms-y, one moment it was sunny, the next moment dark clouds came creeping in...haha. But it was still a nice picnic session togetherrrrr 💕

Headed back home to wash up before we went out for our movies!

We caught the Bohemian Rhapsody and we both love it aaaaot. Can’t believe most of the greatest hits of all time are by Queen! When they were famous in the late 70s/80s, I wasn’t even born! It’s pretty amazing we are still listening/singing/grooving to their legacy to date 😍 Will probably be listening to their playlist for the next few days, heh.

Birthday dinner was at this hidden gem called Fat Belly! Chanced upon it on the burpple beyond app (I signed up for 1 month trial to try, heh) and thought we could give their #burpplebeyond exclusive 7 course menu a try.

It‘s going at $78++ per pax, but there’s a 1 for 1 for this under burpple beyond. Hence the bill came up to about $90 for 2 pax 😌 super worth it!! #goodthingsmustshare

Pre-dinner snack: Rice Cracker with Beef Furikake

Chef torching our appetizer dish!

Foie Gras Creme Brûlée!

Creamy creme brûlée with foie gras, love the caramelized sugar on top! But it was a little too exotic for my liking, haha.


Beef Intercostal Skewers, it’s apparently a beef muscles, marinated & grilled very well. Ian enjoyed this pretty much!


Oh yes, Fat Belly was located inside this cafe called Sugarhaus at Serene Centre! They apparently share the premises together. We suspect Sugarhaus rented their bar table for the Fat Belly’s dinner crowd.

Beef Short Rib Char Siew! This was my 1st fav dish, haha. I’m always a fan of charsiew, and this beef rendition is certainly at my alley 😋 Marinated very nicely & grilled to perfection (with charred parts around it)!

Digging in 😋

Ground Wagyu Mini Burger with Gouda Cheese 🍔

These sliders are so cute! Love the beef and Gouda combi đŸ’¯ And the toasted potato bun is quite da bomb 😋 another of our fav dish in this set!

Oh they served us a passionfruit sorbet for us to cleanse our palate before the main course 🙌đŸģ

Really enjoy seeing my meal prepped in front of me 🤗

The 🌟 of the night: Wagyu Marble 7-8 Tri Tip (Steak) with Pumpkin purée.

Love love loveeeeee the steak! It was done perfectly. And by the time we were at this course, we were already very full 😂 we suspect the Starbucks we had before dinner was the cause of it....haha. But yea, even though all the dishes are pretty much bite-sized, one can get pretty full at the end of the meal.

MY FAVOURITE-ST: Raspberry Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Cinnamon Icecream đŸĻ

My fav donut flavor is raspberry dark chocolate from donut factory, so sad they ain’t around anymore ☚ī¸ But this lava reminded me of the donut but so much better! The lava cake was oozing out bitter sweet chocolate with raspberry sauce, such a perfect combi!! And the cinnamon icecream & honeycomb toffee added a delightful touch to the dessert.

Loveeeee this 😍

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodies #dayrefoodie

Hehe a proper photo with ❤ī¸

Thanks for planning for a full day of fun filled activities! From the fancy picnic to the great movie followed by an amazing dinner. It was indeed a very blessed birthday celebration!

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Monday, 12 Nov 2018

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joycesayshello (avatar)

joycesayshello You guys look so blissful :’) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AMANTHA!!! 💋

5 months ago

ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha Thank you babe!! 🙆đŸģ‍♀ī¸â¤ī¸ @joycesayshello

5 months ago

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