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All pumped up on the selection of our flat today!! Equipped with our excel sheets and supporting documents, we are all ready to select our units 🤞🏻

We were there about 30mins earlier? Ganchiong spider is us 😂

So here’s how we got to this HDB application: We decided to try our luck for the Queenstown SBF in May since it’s a pretty good location & it’s also near my parents place! At that time, those were the main reasons why we decided to try our luck applying for it. We were also at a stable phase in our relationship, so we thought “there’s no harm trying yea?” 🤣

“Shit got real” when we received the number from HDB! But the number we received was 19 more than the total units available 😱 Some of our friends told us despite that, “there’s still chance” as there are cases where couples might give up their no./drop-outs etc.

We kept our hopes there, but didn’t have our hopes too high at the same time 😂

We have this excel sheet to keep track on our “wishlist” units, and the plan is to strike off units that were taken up each week.

We did that for the first week and decided to only check out the available units nearing to our appointment date so as to not disappoint ourselves too much 😂

So last Wednesday (the weeknight before our appointment), we decided to do a check! To our dismay, only the lower floor units are left, and our top few dream blocks were all taken! 😢

The number went down even more when we checked it yesterday...there were only about 10 units left for Chinese quota, which we were still thankful for?

Just before our appointment, we were still checking if our first choice is still available!! haha.

It’s really important to sit down and really look through the site map, block plan etc with your other half when it comes to the selection of flats. We did this when we were ranking our units yesterday (a day before the selection) as it’ll eventually determine where we would stay should we get that choice.

Very glad we are pretty much on the same page together 💕’s finally our turn on the selection!! Ian took this photo for “memory sake”, haha. So funny 😂 But I’m glad he took it anyway, it’ll be interesting to look back on our journey towards having our own place 🏡

Despite it all, we still got our first choice among the not so good selections (haha). I guess we still gotta count our blessing since it’s our first time applying and we managed to get a place eventually (despite the shitty number we received 😅)!

And...we are new flat owners!!!! hehehe

What turns out to be just “trying for luck”, turned out to be something we really wanted to have, haha. I even had a panic attack when I thought the units were all taken up on Sat 😂 Turned out I clicked on the wrong tab on the website...hahaha

The folks came by as well because we applied it under the “married child scheme”, since the SBF is near my parents place. The extra chances probably helped us in getting the number too?? Heh

Yay ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 looking forward to our place that we will call home in 2020/21!

#dayrehome #sbf

📍Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

Brought the folks to try this fame claypot hokkien mee since we were at toapayoh. It was quite a good hokkien mee, the folks approved 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 haha. But the clay pot didn’t do much magic in enhancing the taste of the hokkien mee, the noodle itself is tasty & wet enough 😋

The winner for me was the chilli that loaded with dried shrimps haha. Ian & the parents very much enjoyed th roast pork that came with it too! Haha

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Monday, 29 Oct 2018

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shortyminimad (avatar)

shortyminimad Ahhhhhhh!!! Excitingggg!!! I totally feel your excitement, cause what you did was exactly what I did when I was applying for our flat. Eventually the shortlisting of unit was done on my own - if our unit turned out sucky, I’d only have myself to blame. Lol

5 months ago

chrislovee (avatar)


5 months ago

cluelesstwenties (avatar)

cluelesstwenties HAHAHAA YAYYYYYY congrats again!! cant wait for you to share your journey 🤪🤪

5 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng Wewwww congrats!!!!

5 months ago

valerielim (avatar)

valerielim Yay!!!! Congrats on getting your own place!!!

5 months ago

windmill00qi (avatar)

windmill00qi hello Dawson neighbour!!

5 months ago

ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha Ikr!! Those were the days...😂😂 imma sure yours will turn our fine toooo 🙆🏻‍♀️ @shortyminimad

5 months ago

ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha HAHA YOU GO TELL IAN 😂 @chrislovee

5 months ago

ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha Yay sank you!! sure thing, look forward to it k!! 🤓 @takemyashes

5 months ago

ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha Hehe thank you g!!! @gilliansng

5 months ago

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