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February 2019

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Curry for lunch and dinner. 😅 #overcooked

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Shit. It’s only February and I have already used up my yearly quota.

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During Zach’s tuition just now...👦🏻: Ah ma (MIL) cooked and brought curry to our house for dinner today (all the way from Bedok to Sengkang)👩🏻: Ooo...👦🏻: I love ah ma’s cooking’s👩🏻: 真羡慕你们呀,我自己的晚餐要自己煮呢 Our house is just two streets away from my sister-in-law’s house.. 😞Anyway it’s not the first time too. But in times like this, I wish that we could stay nearer to my dad..

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人日 dinner last night. Super happy to cook cause hub was surprisingly home early ytd. Or else I was going to anyhow cook my one pot dinner - quinoa with mushroom, prawns and xiao bai cai. 1) Stir-fried prawns with xiao bai cai and mushroom2) Stir-fried clams with leeks in xo sauce 3) Steamed otah

January 2019

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Lychee raspberry & sea salt hojicha from birds of paradise. My new fav ice cream place.

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