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I was an MLM-er for 3 years.

I aspire to inspire.

In a blink of an eye, it's already 23rd January 2015.

Celebrating NYE's in Tokyo was just few weeks back, oh how time flies. I read this quote somewhere I find it really true.

You don't need a new year to make a change, all you need is a new day.

Was just pondering while I was driving to work today.

I'm already 24 this year. Well technically ill only turn 24 in 7 months time, what have I archived so far? Look, I'm not saying I'm very old but because of what I was doing previously, it has already instilled this mindset in me. And I strongly believe it is a good thing.

Ok already in office but the office is so empty. I think some of the teams are in Midvalley today.

Meaning of life:

1. Be happy
2. Help others be happy

I set this as my wallpaper to remind myself everyday - to BE HAPPY. And help people around me to be happy as well.

Happy is a very wide word. It can mean a lot of things. But I guess I would say happy is a positive feeling.

And POSITIVITY keeps me going.

Every single day, I wake up and pray. I thank God for opening my eyes this morning bcos we certainly won't know many people out there are struggling to even breath.

I thank God for keeping me safe while I drive to office.

I thank God for my family.
I thank God for my health.
I thank God for my career.
I thank God for my church.
I thank God for my friends.
I thank God for vision and dreams.
I thank God for the desire to hope.
I thank God for the heart to love.

I thank God for me being me.

I don't know about you but I think knowing what you want is very important.

I made it a point to write down my short, mid, and long term goal in my life. In 2015. In terms of life, personal growth, health, finances, career, opportunity, even material goods and countries that I want to go.

I make it a point to list it all out.

Yes no point listing it out but it's not achievable - question your own capability and list down goals that is relevant.

This is why I told my team to do the same too. Be in finances or career progression hehehe @livitang @alfredcheong89 @yutson

I graduated when I was 21 years old. With only Diploma cert.

Yes I don't have further academy achievements.

I do not regret the choices I made back then, because it is all that that made me who I am today.

My dad wanted me to continue my degree in Australia so badly, even I myself to be honest, wanted to experience life of a student abroad but I believe everything happens for a reasons. And I never regretted a single bit. ☺

Why didnt I continue studying?

Because I decided to work. To chase my dreams.

For those who didnt know, I was in a MLM business since I was 19 till I was 22 years old. It was a good 3 years. A combination of heaven and hell.

And I've made it to be one of the top achiever while I was only 21.

Found this slide.

Haha this is the slide where they always put up before they invite me on stage to do my sharing and motivation talk.

I made it to the hall of fame top 5 when I was 21 years old.

Lol. I think I want to do a proper blogpost about this.

If you're wondering what happen lol wait for my blogpost la hahaa.

For now, I'm only an employee. And I need to work. Because it's 9.30am already! 😂

Have a great F R I D A Y all ❤

Wow, you guys should really read @tziaaa 's blog about what she thinks about #dayre!!

So happy la I managed to bring her back on board. Hehehe #annoyingbff #addictedtodayre ❤❤❤

Today was such a long day. In fact, normal people would say it is a BAD day.

To me, I would take every challenges that I have as an opportunity to test my own EQ. It is a test to see how well you are in handling your emotions and roles.

I'm not at my best stage yet but I'm learning. Learning to be more professional and controlled.

Because God won't put you in a situation that you can't handle.

Thai for dinner earlier.

All I want to do on a Friday night is sleep. My mind soul heart needs solitude.

Good night world.

Wow, just wow.

I was about to sleep and looking at this two comments just made me so... shocked and happy. ☺

Thank you so much @cherrrly @anniekaykay for your kind words.

To be honest I've already stopped blogging once I started MLM few years back, and only just started back blogging recently for the sake of my own reference! Didnt know there are still people reading, what more feeling inspired!

Thanks girls, you made my day. 😍❤ I will blog about my experiences soon. Hehe

Stories build bonds, bonds build influence. - @bossming #fact

Day 23

Friday, 23 Jan 2015

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chhhhh (avatar)

chhhhh Just curious, what happened after that? What led you to change field? 😁

4 years ago

tziaaa (avatar)

tziaaa Love this post! ❤️ true enough, heaven and hell! *hugggssss

4 years ago

fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine Ya blog about it!

4 years ago

anniekaykay (avatar)

anniekaykay @adelechow I've been following your updates recently even reading back your old blog posts. I'm actually very curious to what happened that makes you change your path since you're doing so well in that industry. Recently,a high school friend of mine posted a sum of $$ on his fb from the previous mlm you're in so making me even more curious to read in your upcoming blogpost of what happened

4 years ago

anniekaykay (avatar)

anniekaykay Seems like he's doing very well too. I've been exposed to lots of mlm since 17, i like hearing stories in the mlm industry cause I find it very interesting.

4 years ago

daphiexn (avatar)

daphiexn Yes please blog about it! 😊😊😊

4 years ago

miracle87 (avatar)

miracle87 🙋yaya i also very kepo want to know

4 years ago

chhhhh (avatar)

chhhhh Look forward to the blogpost 😄

4 years ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah People can't be evaluated on the paper they hold. Whether it's a degree or diploma. I think we are all a sum of our experiences and memories. I think your MLM experience did help make you the person you are today and I wouldn't want to have u any other way. Both as a friend and as a boss ok?

4 years ago

adelechow (avatar)

adelechow @chiahuey @fourfeetnine @anniekaykay @daphiexn @miracle87 haha didn't know so many of you are interested! Will blog about it soon 😬😬😬

4 years ago

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