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Popo fell down / entering ICU

19.06.15 (Friday)

My popo fell down cos she felt dizzy. Her head was literally facing ground, there was external and internal bleeding.

It doesn't help when she has already very low blood plalets count and low hemoglobin.

I don't know what to do. She's entering ICU by this evening. Needs to do monitoring closely.

Dear Lord,

Please do everything in Your will.
Please give everyone peace in our hearts o Lord.

I dont know what to feel, what to expect, what to ask for anymore.

All I want is just for POPO to feel good, no pain, no sadness.

That's all I'm asking for, Thankyou Jesus.

Popo's blood all over the floor..

It was just 2 days ago (on Wednesday) I make my POPO pronounced snapchat.... :')

I pray that my POPO will be completely healed. She will, in JESUS name. ❤️

Popo's currently now in ICU ward.
Moments like this I wish Im a doctor, so I'm able to identify these readings...

I love my POPO so much, I can't imagine my life without her.

Situation like this puts you in no where, but to rely on God's strength.

Enlarge my faith. I trust in You.


Was contemplating to burn my flight ticket tonight cos popo's in the ICU, but dad insisted that I shouldn't waste money - and he's around somemore it's the weekend so he's able to take good care of popo.

First time leaving in such heavy hearts.
I've been wanting to leave Malaysia so badly for the past few days, Australia is a place that I've never been and finally the day is here....

Yet this happened.

And I really think it's my negative/down vibes that's attracting the negativity around me.

First, my bag over weight until another level. I had to remove like 8 KGs of stuff if not cannot check in. Took off almost every heavy stuff and that includes my 200ML Victoria secret body lotion.

I was in a hurry so I forgotten hand carry cannot exceed 100ML lah!!! End up boarding time had to friggin throw it away. Sigh, it was a new bottle of hand cream. 😢

Day 170

Friday, 19 Jun 2015

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chhhhh (avatar)

chhhhh 😰 stay strong , praying for your popo

3 years ago

Purpur (avatar)

Purpur Hope your popo get well soon. 😢🙏🏻🙏🏻

3 years ago

adlexus (avatar)

adlexus Pray she get well soon!

3 years ago

greatly_blessed (avatar)

greatly_blessed Pray she get well soon!

3 years ago

nickeybean (avatar)

nickeybean She'll be okay. Stay strong :)

3 years ago

fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine get well soon popo 😢

3 years ago

goldwing (avatar)

goldwing Get well soon!

3 years ago

denisejlee (avatar)

denisejlee she's in my prayers too ya. I've gotten attached to your popo thru Snapchat too! =')

3 years ago

bananasplit17 (avatar)

bananasplit17 pray for your popo del. stay strong and have faith! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

3 years ago

kampungboycitygal (avatar)

kampungboycitygal She'll be fine, stay strong

3 years ago

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