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February 2019

Sometimes you need to slow down to see things clearly// but sometimes when you see things too clearly, it gets daunting and scary

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Morning! Made brunch this morning ☺️Plans for today :1. Collect residence permit 2. Take the train to Amsterdam 3. Get the hop on hop off ticket and start touring! It’s a new month; hope exchange gets better!

January 2019

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Breakfast before my 3rd day of school! Classes are really chill here -1.5h lesson with a super Long 20 min break. Super bearable hahah Also love the non-attention we’re able to get here. Here, I’m able to walk around alone minding my own business without having to look out for familiar faces to say hi to

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Hello from Tilburg! Am back posting here because I’m really bored..Exchange has been really underwhelming so far. I came here with little to no expectations / excitement... but man, little did i know I could STILL feel this disappointed. When we first arrived, it was a mad rush. We had to get from Amsterdam to Tilburg ASAP, rush to the agency before it closes to collect our house keys.Here’s the thing Time taken from AMS - Tilburg : 2h+ Tilburg station - home : 20 mins+ (with luggage’s)

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