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my current fitness routine

hi hello all! i haven't been updating because of a ton of different reasons (busy, lazy, addicted to tana french books, etc) but i am finally going to update today because the cny curse has hit me: NON-STOP SNACKING.

i've had like 10 cubes of chocolate already, along with delicious cashews and my ultimate weakness, 🍍 tarts

legit #dayrefatties 😅😂😭

so better use my fingers to blog rather than snack!

my daily routine✔️

i had a one month membership to celebrity fitness back in december and i really fell in love with gym classes. when jan rolled around, i decided to take the plunge and sign up for the first gym membership of my life! #dayrefitness

honestly it's quite scary la to commit to something for an entire year but i had the most amazing time at my gym with such cool people that why not, you know? 🙌🏼

here's an example of my weekly routine:

monday is TRX with my fave instructor! instructors are SO important because above and beyond motivating you in a class, they should also motivate you to be a better person and benny is exactly that💪🏼

his classes are like bootcamps and i love it😂

not sure if you can see the yellow straps at the back of us, but that's the TRX. class is just doing workouts using those straps - it's suspension training.

yoga on tuesdays🙏🏻 yoga is really no joke! one hour of flow and flowing sweat is my kind of release😅

i tried 2hrs of yoga but i'm going to try a bbg circuit (30mins) and then an hour of yoga flow instead for a better balanced workout day.

WED + FRI are usually my free and easy days, so i'll do my #bbg circuits or strength training on these days

bodypump on thursdays💪🏼 really love how this class makes me focus on my arms + upper body because i feel like my core and lower body are so much stronger compared to my upper half.

bodypump is weights - lighter weight and higher reps to loud music! great for my arm gains haha.

oh yeah this is my new fitbit charge 2 - having a heart rate monitor is quite useful to refer to. mind you it's not 100% accurate, but it's better than no gauge at all✌🏼

saturday is probably one of my fave classes: spin 🚲! i am one of those girls who really, really hate running and/or the treadmill, so this class is the perfect solution to cardio.

spin is just stationary bicycling to loud music and the instructor motivates you and tells you what resistance to use for your bike.

i can push my heart rate up to 180+ in this class and i burn around 330 cals for an hour of working out. so much fun with so much sweat😍

aaaaand sunday is my rest day where i can just nua💩

of course this isn't going to be my yearly schedule because i'm still not working at the moment, which means gym classes all day every day. once i start work, i'll have to modify my classes to fit my routine but until then, this is the life i am living and i cannot be happier, sweatier or more content💖

current physique - feel like i'm fluffy already because of all my cny snacking😜 #dayrefit #sarasweats

Day 23

Monday, 23 Jan 2017

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isabelhws (avatar)

isabelhws @activelysara What is spin all about? It looks like so much fun! ☺️

1 year ago

activelysara (avatar)

activelysara ooh i think i'll edit more info in the classes so it's more clear😅 it's just cycling on stationary bikes with loud music and an instructor telling you to set the resistance and to motivate you☺️ it's really famous in the US and at first i found it a bit strange but nothing makes you sweat as much as spin class😍

1 year ago

sihuing (avatar)

sihuing You were missed!
And your gym schedule puts me to shame! HAHAHA!
But looking awesome!

1 year ago

activelysara (avatar)

activelysara @sihuing thanks sihui! gotta catch up on lots now😅 i have so much free time now which is the reason i can exercise so much🙌🏼

1 year ago

cecewong (avatar)

cecewong welcome back!! heheh and I do agree that instructor is very important! how much is the membership per month? still looking great despite the snacking 😍

1 year ago

isabelhws (avatar)

isabelhws @activelysara Sounds cool! I wonder if SG have it? Hehe

1 year ago

activelysara (avatar)

activelysara @cecewong so good to be back!🙌🏼 i signed up during the promo so mine is RM100 for VIP membership. really good deal😍

1 year ago

activelysara (avatar)

activelysara @isabelhws pretty sure most of the celebrity fitness gyms there will have spin classes! you can take a free trial and try it out - i think you'll fall in love with it☺️

1 year ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo Wah you look really slim and strong! 💪🏻💪🏻

1 year ago

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