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a lesson learnt from spin class yesterday: "the bike does not control you. YOU control the bike." 👈🏻 i know it sounds really obvious - of course you control the bike; you're paddling it! but when you have sweat dripping into your eyes and your lungs are on fire and you wanna just hop/drop off the bike, it really does sound like a revelation 〰

when times and things are tough, it's hard to remember we are in control. but we are - it's our lives, and we make choices in it that will either make us grow - or not. take control of your day, your life, your bike🙌🏼🔥

class yesterday ended at 8.40pm, so i came home, inhaled dinner and crashed. it's 10.49am right now and i'm still in bed haha /wiped out

#dayrefit #sarasweats

today's lunch! bbq plaza's lunch set✨ i like it because it's actually A TON of cabbage and less meat. and lots of raw garlic of course😋 #dayrefatties

Day 26

Thursday, 26 Jan 2017

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