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Soul searching

August 2019

tentative wedding date?

We can't have our ceremony at the Chinese gardens because they don't allow flames! The hindu ceremony involves walking about a small, contained fire...OK fair enough they can't risk their very beautiful and precious garden being burn down.Second consideration is having it at the mint.... So we can print money in our marriage lmao.The mint has indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremony so fingers crossed.For non religious couples outdoor weddings are by far the most popular.

I went to our top choice wedding reception venue on Friday. They only do meetings M-F so bf couldn't come with me. His work is not very flexible. A friend who's wedding is next month and knows more about such matters came with me so all good. It was STUNNING.It has panoramic harbour views. The sun sets just in front of their 180 degree balcony so the reds and yellows flood the view.

Immediately after my last post about not liking work I've received and accepted a new job offer.L O LI am still not totally onboard with the idea of working until 67 (current legislated retirement age), effectively pay check to pay check, feeling burdened by money and work.As a HR Manager I know what happens to our human capital worth as we age and let me tell you, it's not appreciating. It's a lot harder to find a new job or career at 55 than it is at 35.

Tbh I don't know how many years I can continue working full-time. Something about it never quite sat right with me.Being stuck in an office all day.Working for someone else.Capped earning potential.Every week BF and I ask ourselves why are we doing this?Obvious answer is to earn money. Second answer is for fulfilment.But what if I don't get much fulfilment out of work?

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bridal party dramas

When you have to cook with turmeric because your husband to be is Indian... AND IT RUINS YOUR MANICURE!!!!

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Reading these #womancost posts are very interesting and eye opening!!Tbh, I'm a pretty low cost lady not because I skew beauty treatments but because doing them take time and I'm lazy.

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