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I am staying and paying

I was seriously excited when I read about all the new features coming to Dayre 2.0.

And to be honest, if Dayre remains like how it is right now, I’m ok too. Some current restrictions are annoying but it sure doesn’t drive me crazy 😂

Since the subscription fees aren’t available yet, I’m just hoping it’s within my rough budget for it...

Ok so I spent the last ten minutes thinking about how much I’m willing to pay for Dayre per month. I think I’ll subscribe without much thought if it’s anywhere around SGD20 per month.

SGD20 is really a small price to pay for me la.

Do take note that I’m a Singaporean, through and through a city girl who’s currently living in an erm small town tucked away from all the vibrancy that I grew up with.

AND I’m also a new mom who sometimes have to accompany my baby for naps but I don’t take naps during the day.

So, Dayre has really kept me company and I foresee it keeping me entertained in the future too.

Now thinking about it, even if it’s SGD50 a month. I will just subscribe? I’m living in Kuching leh!

Whatever that keeps me entertained, I SHALL PAY. 😆

Day 100

Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019

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