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Past few days were nothing but HORRIBLE. I fell ill & guess what...husband went down too 😔

And he fell more ill than I am 😭

Felt so upset yesterday cos with him being more ill than me...meant I won’t be getting as much rest as I should be getting 😔

Couldn’t control my emotions & I ended up throwing a tantrum (lolol). Luckily husband was understanding enough to let me be & tried his best to make me feel better heh!

Us for the past few days, doing nothing, just recuperating from the damn virus!

Not my photo.

I knew about the LV Mini Lockme backpack, but didn’t really pay much attention to it until yesterday. I saw it on IG stories unintentionally & it looked really cute! Quite different from how it looks on photos leh!!!

There isn’t much videos on YouTube about this bag or write up either cos maybe it’s erm too fresh in the scene or it just didn’t made it to a lot of wish lists lol.

But look at this!!! Photos from a blogger who had all intentions to get the LV mini Palm Springs but got this in the end cos the former isn’t available in the boutique!


I’ve been using my mini Palm Springs backpack to death ever since I got it & recently I started using as a sling!!! Super in love & I’m quite sure it’s probably one of my best buys in 2017! Money very well spent! Even husband couldn’t deny it - he was so resistant when he found out I was gonna buy ANOTHER bag 🤣 but looking at how often I use this bag...he hasn’t said a thing!

Day 7

Sunday, 7 Jan 2018

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vallieeee (avatar)

vallieeee My I think there’s a similar looking Chanel backpack recently which I chanced upon somewhere. Or the Gabrielle backpack is also 😍

1 year ago

abcdefginayin (avatar)

abcdefginayin I’m still not feeling the Gabrielle backpack...yet! But who knows 🤷‍♀️ 😏

1 year ago

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