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I am staying and paying II

And Dayre is really one of a kind la, blogging on the go leh. Anywhere and everywhere, so damn convenient.

Writing on Dayre is more like an entertainment to myself so I guess that is why I’m willing to pay for it?

Ok I better stop here cos at this rate I think I won’t even mind paying SGD100 a month hahahaha 🀣 #justkidding

AIYA IT’S A NEW DAY ALREADY. Now my post is broken into two parts. Annoyed but ok, still willing to pay.



Good morning!

YESSA, I think I’m ready to drop a pump soon! I’ve been pumping twice a day, 15mins each and for the past two nights I started using my Haakaas again!

Which I think was a great idea! First, I’m not attached to any tubes lol. Secondly, they are really efficient in clearing my boobs (for comfort) without stimulating milk production, if that makes any sense lol.

Guess whose car key smells like clean laundry? πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

And my helper chose the best time to announce my mom brain-ness, in front of my husband during breakfast #whyohwhy

W: This can’t be compared to all the coins that I left in my pockets


Lately, I’ve been hearing so much of:

“Huh? Why don’t you want to move/ live in a house (instead of apartments)?”

“But a landed property is a better investment leh!”

What is a better investment?

A landed property that MIGHT retain its monetary value for the next 20 years or maybe not lose so much money when we sell it in the future?


An apartment that gives me comfort and peace of mind when we travel?

I choose the latter lor. That’s how I see it for our next property in Kuching at least.

Do take note this mentality does not apply to buying properties elsewhere/ Singapore.

Point is. I think a good investment is one that suits our lifestyle and can serve us well for the next twenty years or even more.

Until now, I am still not keen to live in a landed property for various reasons. I’ve lived in one for 4 years of my life and I hated it, not like I didn’t try.

Maintenance is a huge put off for me la, I know if I’m gonna live in one again (and as a forever home), I’ll definitely have designed the way I like.

And I know, it will be hard to maintain. We’ll have to spend a lot of money and time to upkeep it’s appearance at least.

I’m not gonna settle for a concrete or tiled yard/ garden. I want greeneries, I want water features but I don’t want to maintain it. So really, I’m better off not living in a house πŸ˜‚

And, how my neighbour house look like beside mine affects me too. EVEN IF I really do spend time and money to maintain MY house, my neighbours might not. Which really sucks.

I have friends who lives in a magnificent plot of land with everything you can think of, but they have to live with an abandon house a stone throw away.

Nice meh?

I cannot lor, if it’s a forever home and I have to live this way, I really cannot.

Also, we plan to send our child(ren) to study overseas once she/ they complete her/ their primary/ secondary school. And I’m guessing there will be a lot of travelling for myself then, to visit the kid(s) or to join W in his business trips just like before we have kids. And maybe, I’ll start to spend more time back home in Singapore too?

I have a fantasy of us potentially retiring back in Singapore and W has a fantasy of buying a campervan to travel the world.

I know he will make it happen eventually cos at the rate he’s looking at them (campervan reviews, serious) on YouTube every night ah...he’s very serious about it πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I talk so much ah. Cos I already found a dream apartment in Kuching lol. It basically has everything I can wish for in this little town. Private lift, tennis court, low density, huge space, tastefully designed, well thought through layout, tight security and I heard good stuff about the management committee as well.

The price tag of it will not make sense to many but it makes sense to our plans and lifestyle - which I think it’s the most important!!!

It’s not a new development and I went to view it a few times already, so I guess I’ve seen as much as I can.

Problem is, the owners there aren’t in a hurry to sell. And because of that, the asking price is a little...insane. So I’m hoping our agent can continue to keep a close watch and buzz us right away when a right unit comes by with a price that we are comfortable with!

Also, we have to clock some years in our current residence la, we spent too much time and effort in making this apartment a home. We can’t just...abandon it right away either.

Although I’m secretly looking forward to move out as soon as we can hahaha.

Too bad neither my Mom nor myself will be in Singapore for this Mummy’s Market. I’ve never been to baby fairs in SG but for this, it’ll be worth a trip. How nice if I can trade in many of Ro’s 150ml Hegen bottles for some 330ml ones...☹️

I went to DM Hegen on IG anyways, no harm asking right? But I fully expected a No from them and spot was a No.

Quite disappointed nonetheless and I don’t think Hegen Malaysia will bother to do anything for East Malaysia. Even if they participate in any of the baby fairs it’ll most likely be held in West Malaysia for sure and I won’t take a flight there just for it either duh.

Btw all my 150ml bottles were purchased in Singapore, Hegen didn’t even existed in Kuching then lor.

Day 101

Thursday, 11 Apr 2019

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sheeprunaway (avatar)

sheeprunaway Hello! I’m for landed. You can build and design the house exactly the way you want it to be for landed. Plus you’ll have ample space for your dog. Condos in kuching seems to be in quite ill condition after some time due to lack of maintenance. Or you could choose gated landed properties if you have security concerns? I think there are a few of such. (Also a Singaporean who married a kuching guy but we are based in Singapore 😬)

3 months ago

pmeiann (avatar)

pmeiann If I’m not wrong, Poppies in The Spring do carry Hegen Bottles. Maybe you can check it out :)

3 months ago

abcdefginayin (avatar)

abcdefginayin @sheeprunaway Hello, a few of my friends live in a gated community and they still face security issues though, I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced. Not in the near future I’m quite sure haha!

3 months ago

abcdefginayin (avatar)

abcdefginayin @pmeiann Hi yes they do, Hegen came in to Kuching around November last year. However, there isn’t any trade in deals offered yet.

3 months ago

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