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Back to earth.

January 2019

Got home today and saw laundry was done. Hubby had washed and hung the clothes. the stupid lousy hdb laundry system loosened a little and hit his head a little. Lol. I kena Duno how many times alrd, although I’m shorter. Might consider changing it to the automated system instead in future. Lousy hdb laundry! On the other hand, I’m so glad he’s been helping with such chores lately. Actly mainly is the laundry la.

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Yesterday, Hubby came home during evening time to spend more time with me. Cos I always complain that we don’t spend time tog and I’m upset abt it. Although, I must say that I enjoy those me-time too. 🤣But shortly after we had dinner, he fell asleep. 🙄 and usually he will put powder/lotion for me before slp cos I’ve been itching and having rashes everywhere! So last night he didn’t. Cos he dozed off.

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