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February 2019

Goooodness gracious, we played mahjong till 3am again. And I haven’t got my school work done and I have another gathering tmr night haha. Ok I got to get my shit tgt tmr afternoon alrd. Having 2 gatherings in a day is tiring man. I had my mum’s Cousin came over this afternoon so I didn’t rly do much work. And in the night my cousins came over for dinner and to play. I think I can get my work done tmr but I doubt I’ll be able to find time to research on intern :(

花痴花痴花痴 我要疯了 omg why so cute de


Do I rly seem happier after my exchange? Things happened during exchange, I am still trying to get over. I’m trying hard to be positive hahaha. And I’m glad people do have the impression that I am happier ☺️ I came across another quote that is

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