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Mum to my baby in 2018 Feb ❀️

June 2019

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Insensitive comment πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ // motherhood

This (referring to Jayren) must teach properly if not will turn bad.

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Guilt as a mum

Guilt. So much guilt i wanna kill myself now.

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First ever Dyson!!! 😍😍😍😍Been eyeing the Dyson vacuum for the longest time and finally hub bought it today at courts! Next is the hair dryer 😍😍😍

May 2019

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My little handsome 😍😍Hasnt been actively updating this space ever since Jayren started to be more active. My only rest time is when Jayren is resting or when i am on the bus to work πŸ˜‚Who says things get better as the little one grows older?! This is such a lie! Nothing gets better! He moves so much, he walks when we doesnt wan him to walk, he wants us to carry when we doesnt wan to carry him! Every phrase has its own challenge, nth gets easier or better.

What an abrupt stop πŸ˜‚But let me continue..

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