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April 2019

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What my Saturday mornings look like now :,) I willingly wake up to go to the gym. PLS BE PROUD OF ME. I also successfully did the running man move without dying. Weeps. Does this mean I’m getting better and stronger? Pls clap. HAHAHAH. Ahhh is this what happens when you pay for your own more expensive gym membership? A sudden surge of motivation. Plus I’ve been feeling flabby. And I’ve been spamming bio oil on strange stretch marks that just come from no where. Oh gosh.

biggest mistake since starting The Job was to schedule a (complimentary) PT session on a Sunday followed directly by BCombat. Do you know the pain of running/climbing up and down stairs multiple times a day? Or standing up from and sitting on a chair meant for little humans? MY LEGS. THEY DONT WORK. HALP. I regret so much. S O M U C H.

the most adult thing you can do is failing in what you really care about.

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‘He would have been 29 this year’ Happy birthday, you did well.

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k e e pm ew h e r e t h el i g h ti s

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This picture says a lot. First, meet my new ridiculous bag. I have a couple of those. Bali straw bags included πŸ˜‚ but this only costs $1. HAHAHA. Maybe I should’ve bought another for the likely event when this breaks/overstretches? Secondly, I’m on an MRT seat (!!!!) Thirdly, I’m going out on a school night?!? A Monday night at that 😯 cue ragrets in 3...2...1. Fourthly, my dress, ridiculous bag all match!!! HAHAH. (And this really is the point of the picture tbh).

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