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Mothercare sale ystd

And how the heck I end up with $400 plus of loots. Lolol.

Last year only $180 plus leh hahaha. This year more than double 🀣

My purpose of going the sale is to look out for front face carrier, ergo, tula explore and also play pen.

Gave up on tula explore Cus it’s like $240 plus after discount plus I alrdy have tula ftg, similar print: discover ⭐️. (Explore only limited prints)

So I bought ergo 360 at $199 after discount, rtp $300 plus.

Wanted to get some clothing for little monk but ah the clothing section as usual, SO CROWDED!!

But in the end I managed to look see the racks, but this year choice not much leh. Mostly pjs and Long sleeve kind.

SG so hot leh hello.

But I got 2 packets of 5 pcs clothes for little monk! Not sure rtp how much but $20 or $25 each after discount.

Short sleeve and sleeveless one.

Then Mothercare pjs (1 pack 3 pcs) for him.

I love their pjs Cus literally is whole body covered. πŸ‘πŸ»

Rtp $39.90, $20 after discount!

Then I walked to the toys section nothing much.

Oh their diaper having not bad discount!

25% off for pampers and mmpk!

Like pampers pants M, rtp $24 it’s $18 after discount!

I see Liao, cheaper than redmart! Hahaha.

I wanted to get like 1 carton but the person say no delivery, mehhhh. πŸ˜‘

Unless buy online, ehhh oos leh.

I think they know people will buy online so they purposely(?) put oos. Lol

So bo Bian Lor get 1 packet only. Diaper 1 packet very heavy Liao leh lol.

Then saw TT food steamer cum blender, $149!

Wa I very tempted to buy Cus I #lazymum Hahahaha.

So I asked my mamas, should I get. Haha.

Both @jannpang and @marilyn replied a str8 “no” hahahahaha.

Ok lar Jan say Cus will outgrown it soon.

If I never ask ah, the next moment you will see it’s with me at the cashier Liao 🀣🀣🀣

This! Haha

Oh yes, mini Melissa 2 for $99!! This is the time when I think why mine not Daughter. Hahahaha πŸ˜…

But when I go shopping I see all pink pink dress etc, I will think to myself heng mine not Daughter. 🀣 if not πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

After that nothing much Liao lar, got some pigeons bottles, teats richell sippy cup, some waffles biscuits for little monk and off to cashier. Lol.

That’s how I spent like $400 plus πŸ™ˆπŸ€­

Sorry some design cropped away by dayre. 🀣

And many more! 😍

And you know what. While I’m typing this, I’m otw to baby world fair at expo! 🀣


I wnna go do trade in leh!

240ml one rtp $19.90, trade in only $12.90!! 😭😭😭

Aim for today’s fair:
- mmk pillow
- playpen
- mittens (ikr but we still let Jonas wear mitten to sleep if not wake up next morning he like abuse himself, lots of scratched marks on his head!)
- some cheap clothings for little monk


I salute all mummies bring their LO and stroller to bb fair. It’s so crowded omgggg.


Wa tired leh.

Now sitting down to rest while waiting for the hubz and friends.

My back like breaking from carrying the mmk. πŸ˜†

Help buy got service charge hor @marilyn @jannpang @lindaphne 🀣

Day 11

Friday, 11 Jan 2019

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marilyn (avatar)

marilyn Wah Wah JST!

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer hello can I check with you if the bottle trade-in is any brands of bottles? πŸ˜…

1 month ago

jannpang (avatar)

jannpang heh heh nv state before hand you cannot back charge leh!!

1 month ago

WithluvJo (avatar)

WithluvJo Hidden t&c you all never ask properly. Hahahahahaha πŸ€ͺ @marilyn @jannpang

Trade brand A to brand A. All common Brand like avent, dr brown, pigeons, TT have this trade in promo. 😊😊 @arohammer

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer ah I see. okie thank you! @WithluvJo

1 month ago

arohammer (avatar)

arohammer @WithluvJo hey babe, the bottle trade-in can use any brands! hee. I just checked and tried at the pigeon booth! 😊

1 month ago

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