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I always self reminded myself I need to write down my little monk milestones/“celebrate” his x months old every 14th but I ALWAYS forgot and only remember after 14th! 😓

February is the perfect month lor.

Cus 14th is valentine day which is also his 10 months old adjusted age. (8 months corrected)

It seems like he suddenly grow so fast?

From dk how to crawl, no teeth, dk how to sit unassisted, cannot balance himself while standing (even with support) till he can do all now!

And all the above happened within I think 1 month or max 1.5 months only?!?! 😱😱

He will also cry when I walk away from him.

Smile when he saw me coming back home from work.

Other than porridge, purée and cereal, he also eaten mee sua and Mee hoon which is kinda takes it better than porridge? Hmm.

I kinda gave up blw atm Cus I cannot stand the mess, yet.

Maybe when he’s 1YO? Then I will try blw again Cus more choices/varieties of food can give them after the 1YO Ma right?

Anyway he still can’t wave byebye though. But it’s ok, MIL is practising with him everyday haha.

I really want to test water see if he can take eggs! If he pass the egg test, means easier meal preparation!

Both me and my hubz no history of allergies to food though. Hmm

Should I be daring for once haha 😬

BRB tbc

The first time he sat unassisted (for a few seconds) during his neonatal development check!

He also went for his first swim with his friends.

First time he sat on this!

Mil bring him down to play and send me this pict! 😍

Can you spot his 2 little tooth? 😄

Second tooth showing up, now the third tooth is cutting through alrdy!

His first few crawls! Now he can crawl damn fast and sometimes catching him back is very tiring sia!

His crawling style is the leopard crawl/mop floor kind. Lol.

My little monk default face. 😦

At 10 months old, my Little monk humble milestones:

- 3 little tooth
- (leopard) crawling
- sit unassisted (from lying position)
- pulling himself to stand
- able to hold his own milk bottle to finish 3/4 of his milk
- cry when walk away from him
- can “papa mama” (though I not very sure if he really mean he’s calling out for us 😅)
- 2 meals per day
- 4/5 milk feeds
- sttn 90% of the time (unlucky days he will wake up once for milk at 3-4am)
- 2/3 naps


Slowly but surely! 💪🏻

Day 50

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

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