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November 2018

Vaccin day today!30 Oct5.7kg, 65cmToday, 15 Nov5.7kg, 61cm?!?!Ok lar he never gained I can know what’s the reason Cus recently he been drinking lesser milk?He usually drink 130ml, but now he ALWAYS drink up to 80ml only??? 😩But 65cm to 61cm very big difference leh!I think the nurse at SGH measure wrongly lar.I still thought my little monk gonna be a tall tall boy. Oh well.And yay to last vaccin till he’s 1YO! 🎉🎉

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Knight Rose HBB

Should I keep or sell Knight Rose Hobobe?It was an impulse buy though. :/

Please don’t go q for JJB at Mothercare @HBF Cus the q is damn freaking Long.Went yakun to buy breakfast to check out the q and was damn shock. Lol. Fb jjb page got people say some come q overnight 😱Still thought want go early lunch to q to try luck but I think can forget it alrdy 😩Goodbye my queens court 👋🏻Kthxbai~

Every since my little monk know how to flip himself to tummy time position, he didn’t sttn anymore Cus

Woke up 1010am.Nap 1: 110amWT? 3 hoursssssss. 😩Tried putting him down at his usual 1-1.5 hours WT but he was screaming and crying like mad.Oh btw, he have a new skill. To SCREAM his lung LOUD!! 😠 thanks but no thanks to the 2 steroid jabs. 😪So I make him make, he then slowly doze off.Off to pump~

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Sleep training?

Should I start to sleep trained my little monk?

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