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July 2018

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Dayremummies meet up 2! 💕

You know when they say when you have a bb, you need to start preparing early and expect the unexpected?Ystd when I was about to go out to meet my June mummies, Jonas was very fussy and like feel quite comfy? Put down cannot, rocker cannot, carry also cannot. I even tried to Tula him while I pack the last few item also cannot.To calm him down a little, I gave him my boobs. 😐Ok lar, he seems a little hungry but then after latching, he spilt out a little 🤦🏻‍♀️This boy ah.

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It’s been 2 years!Happy 2nd year wedding anniversary! 🎉Missing every moment of #yapwedo1707 ! ☺️

Solo parenting

It’s hard when you are alone with your baby.It’s harder when they suddenly cry and you don’t know what they want.😭

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First time (finally) Tula-ing!#dayremummies is the M position correct? 😅The legs is supposed to be like that right?The height correct?

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Happy 3 Months Baby Jonas! 🎉For you, mummy will press on! 💪🏻Please continue to stay healthy and strong my dearest Son! ❤️We all love you, very much! 😘

Just realised today is Friday the 13th.

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