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September 2018

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Today is the second time this week that I’m so freaking busy after back from lunch that I missed my “before end work” pump. πŸ˜ͺThe lump on my left boob doesn’t seems to go away after near to 15mins. πŸ™„

Random but I actually can’t wait for cny. πŸ˜…And then it’s time to start planning for Jonas 1 year old party!!We did not gave him any baby shower party Cus he’s still in hospital on his full month.So my hubz and in laws say will do a good/big one for him for his 1YO birthday!And I can’t wait!! 😁

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Situation at 5.50am.Do you believe when I tell you I don’t feel the wetness? LOL.When I felt it, I thought it was a small patch but wth when I looked down, SO MUCH!? 😱😭

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Somebaby is 5 months + 4 days young! ☺️

Since I alrdy “mess up” the schedule alrdy. I should take about it. Lol.So Jonas had this little milestone which I’ve been waiting for: #STTN!This happened on last Sunday night. His last feed was around 8pm plus and usually he will wake up between 12mn to 1am for his motn feed.But that day he didn’t.Hubz ask: “he is breathing?” LOL 🀦🏻‍♀️Then about 345am he woke up crying for milk.From 9pm to 345am, a total of 6 hours plus.Not very long but I actually secretly very very happy!!

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Golden Moments Durian Snowskin Mooncake!

Anyone wanna order Golden Moments Durian moon cake?Usual price $98.80/box.I’m able to get $85/box with no minimum order. Which means you can just get 1 box!Drop me a message at tele @/withluvjo to order!

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