WishHopePray (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Someone shared a story about other ppl not being able to get pregnant cause of a lot of "bad karma" accumulated.

Is it hinting me I got a lot of bad karma accumulated? 😭

Haiya dont wan2 believe all these superstitious thoughts but sometimes thoughts will wonder still. Is it I'm not deserving?

Day 118

Sunday, 28 Apr 2019

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sillysally (avatar)

sillysally I am always thinking about this. especially after listening to some Buddhist cd about life and karma. Lol. It's actually quite nice I mean the talk about what's yours is yours what is not yours is never yours. there's this particular track that even talked about a couple wanting a kid so bad ended up they adopted one after multiple tries of ivf etc. anyway.. what I'm saying is failing too many times sometimes made me wonder is it really there's such thing call not fated. they say kids are our bad karma accumulate from prev lifetime. So maybe we are good person in our prev life la? ha. 2am grumbling.

1 month ago

Wishingforamiracle (avatar)

Wishingforamiracle @sillysally Wow thanks for sharing another side! haha I thought no kid means bad karma so not deserving, now that u enlightened me. Could be good karma too...😬

1 month ago

espelicious (avatar)

espelicious There is a theory that children are 前世修来的 and they are in your life either to 讨债 or 还债. Hence some kids are angels while others are terrors.

1 month ago

sillysally (avatar)

sillysally @Wishingforamiracle whatever karma it is, we just wish that we get that karma even if it means its to 还债。wishing us all the v best

1 month ago

melubll (avatar)

melubll My hubs opinion has always been if you are good person last life, you won’t have kids!!! I don’t know how should I respond.

1 month ago

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