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Gaining is easy 19241

January 2019

Dong dong qiang~ dong dong qiang~ Feeling so festive these few days.. 🤩Weight also keep increasing cos keep eating.. 😅Currently standing at 48.3kg.. About 2kg more than my lowest for the past 1yr+? Used to be able to go back to 46+ range after dieting for 1-2 weeks. But since my batam trip last Oct, I have been stuck with this 48kg+.. On bad days, it can even go up to 49kg.. Sigh.. Gonna continue to diet soon. Hopefully it will go back to 46kg soon..

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Always good food when my bro is home for dinner..

If you know today is your last moment, what will u do?

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Trying hard to diet since I join this company.. Every now and then I'll get treats like this.. How to lost the weight gain like tt... 😭Put on 2-3kg since I joined here Le. Thinking if I should go back AS for treatment? Or try dieting abit more?

生你的,就一定是最了解你/懂你的人吗?生你的,就应该纵容她所做的一切吗?Sorry, but I find this relationship, too toxic.

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