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updated 3 months ago

If anyone would like $15 off $50 at carters:

Quickly carted out what I wanted to buy as a gift now that there’s no shipping fees 🤪 can’t justify paying $6usd for shipping when I missed the free shipping the other day because I didn’t have my
YouTrip cars with me 🤦🏻‍♀️

I must not screw up my exams for law considering that I’ve gotten 70+ for my assignment class participation and 90+ for my quizzes.

This is my chance to grab that A

My posture is SO terrible, my physio walked into the clinic and he was like “YOU ARE STILL SLOUCHING”

You make me look forward/very excited for Monday

That was something that is SO heartwarming to know? My colleague told me that when I got in to work today and she told me that she’s so happy to see me 🥰

It means a lot to me for someone to say that because I know my presence is appreciated.

Today another patient came and asked what I was doing so I told him I was still in school and that I’m only in on mondays. He told me that he will come in on mondays so he can receive social media lesson from me LOL

Day 84

Monday, 25 Mar 2019

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anewvanny (avatar)

anewvanny Hi!! Carter’s does not ship to sg tho? Or am I not seeing sg as option?

3 months ago

Veewhyextee (avatar)

Veewhyextee @anewvanny hello! They do not ship to SG but you can ship it to a forwarder and get it shipped here!

3 months ago

anewvanny (avatar)

anewvanny Hello! May I know Which forwarder do you use?

3 months ago

Veewhyextee (avatar)

Veewhyextee @anewvanny I use ezbuy 😄

3 months ago

anewvanny (avatar)

anewvanny Thank you! :)

3 months ago

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