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updated 2 months ago

Look at this villa 😻

View from our room, I can really do this all day.

Essentials: kopi x carbs ✨

Boat avenue night market

Cheap cocktail and amazing sunset, yes please!

sunsets got me like 😍

This is also me before sex on the beach

This is me after sex on the beach πŸ€ͺ the drink I mean. I know I’m red like lobster but surprisingly I wasn’t getting any headaches!

Saw this little angmoh in the supermarket, I started playing with him and he was very receptive to playing, when his mom carried him, I just randomly clapped my palms and signalled for him to come over AND HE DID (I was so surprised πŸ˜‚) I jokingly told his Mother that I’m going to bring him home and yknow angmohs are very easy going and she laughed too.

He was so cute, I spent about 5 mins carrying him and my friends had to remind me to return the kid to his mom πŸ™ˆ HAHAHAH

What was funnier was that the kid didn’t want to go back to his mom 😭 10/10 would bring home!!!!

Went back to our villa and blew up our floats πŸ₯°

Night view 😍

Day 82

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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potatotato (avatar)

potatotato Where is this place ? ☺️

2 months ago

Veewhyextee (avatar)

Veewhyextee @potatotato it’s at phuket!

2 months ago

potatotato (avatar)

potatotato Oh, that’s wonderful place! Thanks for sharing dear.

2 months ago

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