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Mainly my incoherent & mindless ramblings

May 2019

There are parents and then there are well... my parents. Out of fear of retribution (just in case I have my own kid/s next time), I wouldn’t say that I am not grateful to them for raising me but the last few years have been difficult. And all that have been building up to this. I really don’t understand why we have to be dragged into it. It is their matter and they should deal with it themselves, answer for their own actions. 上一代的事不應該影响到下一代。And seeing how it affects me and the bro,


Can’t wait to leave now

March 2019

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I guess it’s pretty true that the foreign service is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. You really plan your life around your postings. “Oh, I have a posting. Have to get married before this date. Have to propose soon...” It all becomes a formality, so procedural. Something to be done and over with just so that we can go for our postings. Can you blame me if I’m really not feeling it for my wedding? It’s like “ROM, ROM loh. Got wedding got wedding loh. If not, I’m fine too.”

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