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Old lady trapped in the body of a 24YO

February 2019

After six full months, Alanmitchi finally, and suddenly, got back to us with our Proposal Video 😅😅😅TBH I already told WX not to chase them over it. I am fine not having the video, so long as we have not made the payment. Looks like now we gotta pay??? Although I’m not keen on it anymore.6 months is ridiculous....#dayrebrides

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Chanced upon the wonder wardrobe course

Sigh in a bad mood because of Eagle Eye Centre but aiya 还是不要讲了 越说越生气

1. Sian I’m feeling the Monday blues already2. I’m craving for steamboat. The one we had last week at my ah ma’s house was SO DELICIOUS!!! Hopefully wx can bring me to Paradise Hotpot next Saturday.3. Dayre is getting so sian now! Ever since they made Dayre Plus free for everyone, everyone’s been using the function to privatise their posts.... scrolling through these posts that I can’t see on my feed is so sian?! I feel like Dayre is losing its essence. Sian I really hate change, don’t I?

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Devastated I broke my Skinceuticals serum today I dropped it on the floor and it shattered into many pieces. So did my heart.💸💸💸💸Goodbye money.

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Chu 2 OOTDI’m quite happy with my OOTDs this year! I have struggled v long to find clothes that fit me well. There are so many clothes that I bought thinking that I’d look good in them... but then I’d always end up hating how I look/feel in them.

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