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Lol. The 1st time i entertained the DHL scam cos i was annoyed. They called me twice, so i curious also la. To be honest they are quite convincing.. if i was not so educated n well informed, i might have got cheated.

So when i first picked up the call..
China operator say from dhl, you got 1 mail.. press 9 to speak to customer service officer.

The first time was a china lady, when i was on the line with her, she ask why i call her. So i actually raise my voice “eh is you call me?!” She hang up

Today was a guy. He sounded quite stern and told me my package got problem w the beijing custom. Initially i thought could be my taobao stuff, my seller trying to send me. Then i ask what package. Then he got hooked, he tell me “oh, you sent a parcel on 2 jan, 2.45pm.” Then i said nonchalantly “not me”. He got agitated n insist its me with my hp no. Lol. You call me on the phone, of course you know my number. Then i ask him who is the recipient.

He tell me some guy name liu tao. I say “idk the guy.” Then in the damn serious tone he tell me my package sent to liu tao got problem. Then i ask him what problem.. he said “you sent him 5 fake passports. This is illegal!! The beijing officers are going to catch you.” Hahahah. I started laughing then he “scold” me in those serious tone “你笑什么,你懂你犯法吗。beijing officers are going to catch you” then i said okay lor, call police lor. Then he ask me why call police. “Let police check la.”

He said dhl call you because we dont want to get the police involved 😂😂😂 then i say why, let police catch me ah. He repeat again, he trying to help me 🙄 then i ask him “你要我把你的电话号码给警察吗?” he ask me damn innocent “why give police my no.?” I said “因为你是个白痴诈骗集团。”

Then i hung up.

On hindsight, i should have said “liu tao is the china black society big boss. He will kill the beijing officers and kill you since now you know i help him make fake passports. You ownself take care. Bye.”

Day 11

Friday, 11 Jan 2019

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