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Moon, Ocean, Universe

February 2019

It sucks. It honestly sucks knowing that my intuition is right and that I don’t deserve the truth from you.

I’ve been thinking of you

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I want to document today’s happening. It’s the last day I’ll see him. I told him “Thank you for doing this for me even though you don’t have to” because we were never together.Very polite of him keep to his promise to my mom and came over to 拜年. This is me waiting for food and him. *ps my face super sharp and small because I used snow cam. I just didn’t want to document my face today with normal camera.

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Art jamming today on Vday

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Do you often trust your gut feeling?I used to be pretty accurate and trusted my gut feeling but I also have paranoia. Therefore, it might also be that I manifested the thoughts into reality. Don’t you think that the more you think about negative stuffs in your head, the higher the possibility of it actually happening?I just want to banish some of the negative thoughts that I have of someone, but it seems like it’s stuck in my head. Help please.

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