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August 2019

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Single divorced mum and dating

Just saw that Daniel Ong (ex husband of Jaime Teo), just proposed to his gf Fay at their romantic trip to Maldives. My instant react was, 😱. Are they serious? One time still not wary?

July 2019

LittleC took 9 days to break her fever, only with help of antibiotics. Didn’t update much cuz taking care of a sick kid is super draining for me. Furthermore, I have the help of my mum already. I cannot imagine those single mum who is staying alone at home juggling a sick child and without help of her parents or helper.

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LittleC is running a high grade fever for 2 days now. Gave her paracetomol and ibrufen every alternate 4 hourly but her temp never subside. This has never happen before... my mom and I have been sponging her very regularly but doesn’t quite help with controlling the temp.

Yippie! My final judgement is passed 🥂

5 years

Today marks the MOP of my matrimonial house. So fast, 5 years swing past just like that. I stayed in that house for about 2 years, moved out for about 2.5 years while AH continued to stay in the house till now.

June 2019

Sibling talk

Wanted to sleep earlier last night but my bro seemed troubled with some relationship issues and we had a ‘sibling talk’ last night.

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