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January 2019

有些夫妻一分开就少了🔥少了恨。我怎么就越看他就越愤怒💢越讨厌。到现在他怎么还是一股霸气,自以为是的,一点都没觉得自己有任何错。怎样co-parenting 呢你告诉我。最好离我越远越好。要教我如何教littleC?们儿都没有!我不小心门撞到女儿,然后后马上搓她的头。。。他竟敢脸黑怪我。Wah Kao! Please hor, 我现在不吃这套了。这种人真的无药可救了。悲啊!

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Good note for all divorced parents, single parents, those whose marriage are rocky but stayed becuz of your kids. Its not easy, but I will try for the sake of my child. I also hope AH will cooperate to make this happen.

Lesson learned #RIPAloysiuspang

Aloysius Pang’s death makes me realise 2 things.

小强之战 - I Lost

Ask you’ll one stupid, yet difficult question ah.

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