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April 2019

I’m scared. I don’t know how to get through next week

I’ve had a really rough two weeks.I’m just Glad I have dayl to go through life with. Being so down makes me so much more thankful for him. I know I’ll be okay as Long as I have him.

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My baby with his new gf sigh. Lately I’ve just been so greatful and thankful for having dayl by my side to go through this difficult time. Idk how I would have gotten through last week if not for him. All I did was cry the entire week. God please give me a sign, if I’m rly not meant for this job just give me a hint and Lao Niang will not hesitate to quit.

Remember how alone I used to feel this time last year. I’ll get past this, all I have to do is try. Even if it kills me, I know I tried. And that might not be enough for anyone else, but it is for me. I need to remember that I’ve gone through tougher moments and I will get through this too.

I am so beaten, drained and defeated. You think it gets better but it doesn’t. I just feel useless and alone. And no one cares enough to help me.I’m rly starting to consider leaving my job. It’s causing me so much misery and pain. I haven’t felt any kind of happiness about work since my ex company and I’m not sure how I got to this stage.What makes it worse is people who don’t understand the kind of shit you go through.

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