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November 2018


my situation didn’t worsen but my mood is going on a downward spiral. worried shit is an understatement.

Some days I pity my dad

October 2018

Sometimes I wonder what did I let myself settle into. Should I have worried less and wait for the day I’m properly genuinely pampered the right way?

It’s driving me nuts when I’ve to address bias view every so often. A: will u be available tonight after work? B: what’s the context?! Can you talk with context?!A: oh, I’m just wondering if you are able to ******, then I’ll bring ****** along so that.....B: next time can you talk in context, else it is very annoying cos I’ve no idea why you are asking the qn....... * goes on nagging about communication*

it’s a finance mess that I dunno how to fix & there is no one I can talk to...

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