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July 2019

It's been awhile. We are now just checking in to week 33, and things are getting too real for comfort.The nursery is in the process of getting fleshed out, things packed, hospital bookings etc.Looking forward to our next doctors appt as well because our little girl is trending small at the moment so I hope the last week's durians and avocados and protein is helping her grow ♥️♥️ jiayou little one! #dayrepregnancy

June 2019

Not sure if I'm getting lazy or it's the third trimester blues but taking the train tires me out 😅From having to chiong seats to queueing to enter, even just the walk from my place to the mrt. I miss my previous speedy Gonzalez self.Even at work I feel my output dropping. Although I must say that my symptoms are not as bad as the usual preggers, it's taking a toll on my drive 🙏9 more weeks to go! #dayrepregnancy

Tried swimming for the first time since #dayrepregancy at week 30 and I'm so tired! How do mommies keep up at it? I really should have started sooner

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Went to Thompson early this morning for the OGTT test and I passed! I'm so happy to be back to my durian eating days 🤣 can't wait! #dayrepregnancy #week28Took the day off at the same time since my leave from last year expires end of this month. Its really quite nice to be on leave in the middle of the work week. Met the hubby for a dim sum lunch, and went on a very productive shopping spree after hee

Wow just realised that dayre is not on the google play store anymore.Is it end of life now for Dayre? @blog 😢

May 2019

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When 3 able bodied people ignore you on the train, and another tries to steal an empty seat from you

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