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May 2019

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We’ve been trying to register E’s birth twice now. Went to the city on Monday and Tuesday to do it but still we didn’t have enough documents 🀦🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ˜‘At least on Monday we managed to update T’s passport photo so that trip wasn’t for nothing but Tuesday was just a waste of time! SighWho knew it was so hard to register a baby’s birth!!! Why do we need so many documentation?? I really don’t understand sigh

Something to remember for today. On the way home from dinner T suddenly said he needed to pee. We asked him if he can wait cos we were almost reaching home and he said okay. But few minutes later he said “I think I cannot wait anymore” πŸ˜‚ so I told hubs to just turn into one of the housing areas and let him do it there. He stopped in front of one of the houses that had a for sale sign but with the light on. He left the headlights as well as the lights inside the car on cos it was a bit dark

Both children napping so time to dayre. I should be napping too but I can’t cos my left boob is super engorged. And why is that? E last fed at 6.30 and when he woke up at 9, I thought good timing cos I’ll feed him now then before we leave for lunch, I can feed him another time so that I don’t have to feed him when we’re out. Well E had other plans. He flat out refused to feed but not only that. Every time I put my boob near his mouth, he’ll cry like as if I’m feeding him poison

Got called by cc today saying to go pick T up cos he’s complaining of tummy ache. He also hasn’t been eating the whole day and didn’t nap too πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️ quickly rush there cos I was so worried that he caught a bug or something Got there, he was being cuddled and when he saw me, he held onto his tummy and sank down to the ground. I mean drama much boy? Tummy ache until cannot walk too. Came home I forced him to go poo and when all was done, I asked if he still has tummy ache and he said no

hip ultrasound day

Went for E’s ultrasound appointment today and very happy to say that there’s nothing wrong with his hips. Before he started he warned me that some babies don’t like doing the ultrasound and they might cry. And I was like oh no! E was fussing in the car cos I think he’s tired. He’s gonna cry like mad. So I was bracing myself for wails and all. But I’m so surprised cos E was perfectly still on the bed and didn’t even make a sound

Actually thinking back, we brought T for an ultrasound too when he was few months old. I can’t remember what for but I think it could be the hips too cos I remember having to turn him sideways or something Anyway my appointment is tomorrow so we’ll see what’s the outcome of it sigh

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