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August 2019

Continuation from yesterday... -Likes to be carried like a baby to drink milk these few nights, reminds me of his baby days when I used to sit around carrying him to sleep!

15.5 months update:9.3kg, 77.8cm

Lots of funny stories with the boy recently. 🤣 I was falling aslp last night, and the boy kept grumbling and poking my eyes as if saying Wakie wakie play with me! LolCame to get me from my room, held my hand to go to the hall to play with him and daddy. Daddy walked away thinking the boy is entertained already, and he angrily grumbled and went to pull daddy back to the hall. Want both of us there to play with him! Lol

July 2019

At 14.5months, the boy is at a cute age! - Likes to go out, can wave bye to me when daddy brings him out. - Can say smth that sounds like merk merk when he wants milk (depends on mood)- Loves to dance and ask me to turn on the radio for him, has more dance moves now - Loves my Xmas tree, will willingly sit, cos I turn it off when he touches it

Lots of first times this week: - Tried durian! Ate abit, then gave a funny face when offered again. Haha- Doesn’t like touching rambutan, not surprising, even I don’t! - Went to the playground and sat on his first slide! - Had his first fry (or 2) at mos burger- 1st haircut! - Ahh at some kids he saw, talking to them? Pre-molars are trying to come out, so he’s been kinda whiny, and only wants mama to carry.

June 2019

The boy had his first professional haircut today! Was ok initially then got irritated with the cape around him and started pulling and crying the house down. 😅Went out of the shop, pointed at some balloons and was immediately all smiles. Also had his first French fry from mos burger. Lol. Kept pointing and asking for more. The boy also got his first bubble toy for being relatively corporative for the hair cut.

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