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March 2019

Just to note down that the boy knows how to play peekaboo now! We usually cover his head with the swaddle, and he just pulls it off himself. Ystd night, after pulling it off, he put it back on his head indicating that he wanted to play more. Lol

We went on a trip to KL!

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10 months old

10 months old! Ah boy seems more like a little boy than a bb now, seems thinner too. Weight wise seems similar to 2 months ago 😱Able to: - wave hi/bye - clap hands- shake and nod head, esp shake head is used correctly!- starts to be able to play by himself/ quiet play - Grab our arms very tightly when he wants us to continue carrying him - walk/run assisted Much more interactive now! ❤️

February 2019

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The boy’s very first class! Started kindermusik last week, at 9.5months.

Ah boy’s first class today!Not sure whether he enjoyed, but gd social interaction for him!

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