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updated 2 years ago

#SmokeFreeMe: Day 7 🚭


On the seventh day of quitting, my withdrawal symptoms gave to me:

7 threads on Reddit* 👀
6 cups of herbal tea 🍵
5 tenners saaaaaaved! 💰
4 cigarette cravings 💩
3 nervous breakdowns 😂
2 temper tantrums 😡
...and the joys of being healthy! 😊


*currently reading:


Reddit is an amazing distraction for my itchy hands! Instead of smoking I'm using my fingers to upvote ahahahaha

Day 344

Friday, 9 Dec 2016

10 3
weirdbunneh (avatar)

weirdbunneh you're doing great! keep it up! ok i will show solitude and also teman u! i'll give up eating for as long as you cold turkey and until succeed! my biggest vice too!! #motivationwithnumbers

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @weirdbunneh you can't give up eating or you'll starve! 😳

2 years ago

weirdbunneh (avatar)

weirdbunneh i mean eating out/takeaways hahaha typo sorry xD ur right i will starve xD

2 years ago

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