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A SHOE-IN, PART 2: shopping at Harrods Shoe Heaven

Made it to Gucci yeaaaaaah!

I wanted a pair of Gucci shoes to match my new Gucci handbag (I'll blog about it on Boxing Day since it is my Christmas present) but the matching pair sold out just before I got there FML 😡

Mum tried on the two pairs on the left. She really wanted the pair with lips but they didn't have her size. 😂

I tried on the mid-heeled loafers on the right. Bit snug in the 39 (I normally wear 40 but they ran out of stock) but I bought it anyway...

I mean, look at how old-school and clunky it is. It's a fashionable twist on matron chic...right?

Yeah, apparently I'm not fashion-forward nor edgy enough to pull off granny-chic (I can barely dress norm core without having to wear red lipstick to prevent myself from disappearing). I'm returning these shoes and exchanging them for a different pair.


So these are my options!



The low heeled version of the Gucci loafers I'm returning.

Pro: Loafers are versatile and can be elegant in a masculine, casual yet elegant way.

Con: not sure if I want to look like a dad from the ankles down



These floral Gucci slip ons.

PRO: The blossom print quite nice for Spring/Chinese New Year right?

CON: The exposed back is daring at best, fugly at worst. Also might make me susceptible to cold heels. 😂



These red Valentino Rockstuds.

Pro: Red is my favourite accent colour.

Con: Rockstud pointy shape is kinda played out. Plus I have large feet so pointed flats make me look like Bozo the Whore Clown.



This block-heeled black beauty, also by Valentino.

PROS: Black goes with everything. Comfy AF, I know because I have the same pair in blue-grey.


...I have the same pair in blue-grey.

...and finally, FIVE!


This leopard print lace up babies, by Aquazurra.

PROS: It's leopard print, hello! Potential to be a iconic design (2015 was all about the black and snakeskin version of these shoes) and not yet played out.

CONS; see previous Bozo the Whore Clown comment.

Which pair should I get?

1️⃣ Gucci loafers
2️⃣ Gucci slip ons
3️⃣ Valentino Rockstud flats
4️⃣ Valentino Rockstud heels
5️⃣ Aquazurra flats

Help me decide!

Omg did I really just write a whole post on shoes (two posts if you count Dayre's system of splitting up posts according to day - HELLO! How can say Wednesday is over and push my posts over to Thursday?! I'm not asleep yet so as far as I'm concerned it's still Wednesday)?!!!

Here's a corner of my bedroom where I relegated all my trash to because all this packaging won't fit in my bin LOL 😂

Hi Harrods you so shiny.

Shit die me, when I exchange my Gucci loafers for new shoes confirm Harrods will be busy AF because of Boxing Day Sales.

Tian oh tian give me strength!

Ahahha check out these crazy zebra pumps from Gucci.

I should wear these to safari.

Also have my eye on this bad boy from Anya Hindmarch. It MIGHT go on the Boxing Day Sale and for 30-50% off!

Ok lah even after discount £800+ is still a lot of money for a novelty coat BUT!


🍳 🍳 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳

And I freaking love eggs can!

Poached, fried, soft boiled, scrambled...😋 All styles are good!

I especially like my eggs fertilised ahahaha joking!

(Not really 😏)

This is what straight, thick hair looks like when it meets London rain. 😱

Shit die me.

I feel like I should try a new style of wearing my hair! A side parting, braids, buns, a new colour - ANYTHING but a short hair cut. Suggestions?

Bear in mind that I have a diamond shaped face - narrow temples and hair line, short forehead, wide cheeks, pointy chin - and my hair is already layered plus ombré dyed (dark brown on top, slightly lighter brown on second half).


Good morning Dayre!

It's 10:30 am here in London and SUNNY, what a shocker! I'd forgotten what sun looks like 😱😳

Whoa it seems that the black Valentino rock studs are the overwhelming choice!

Tell you the truth, I had my heart set on either those or the Aquazurra shoes. So I'm glad most of you agree with my choice. The people have spoken! See, popular votes do work 😏

Speaking of shoes I nearly forgot to include these!

How cute is this leopard print pony-haired ankle boot? 😍

And this black faux-snakeskin bootie?

Both have a 2.5 inched heel comfortable enough for pavement pounding with a decent amount of height.

They're both by Carvela and I nabbed them in the sale! 50% off - that's about £100 each. BARGAIN 😍😍😍


Some fun quotes about shoes just because!


LOL try 70 and 60. 😏

It's all about posture and confidence. 😉

Don't we know it.

Reminds me of the quote "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones".

Mmm hmmm. 😊

That's the plan. 😙

And finally...

Bam. 🙌🏻👏🏻🙏🏻


So in a fit of madness I decided to head to Harrods today to return my unwanted Gucci loafers.

It's done!

A foot fetishist's idea of heaven hahaha

Omg Harrods Shoe Heaven is having a sale!


Imagine what this will look like come Boxing Day...

Wapiang Boxing Day Sales are like the Hunger Games.

Gonna shop online instead. 😏

I've made my choice!

Ok I know most of you voted for the Valentino Rockstuds but I didn't get those. Don't hate me!

The Rockstuds were almost £700 and the Gucci loafers I returned were £585, so I'd have to spend another £100 to buy a pair of Valentinos I already have...

...or I could use the £585 to get TWO pairs of Aquazurra flats (I have none yet!) plus a couple of other bits! Which is what I did.

50% off!!!

Also half price!

God I love the Harrods sale 😍😍😍😍

(I also bought a Citre Tudron scented candle and some Fresh face wash)

Luckily I did my research and browsed the Harrods website before heading to the actual store because these shoes weren't available at Shoe Heaven!

See, shopping in person adds pressure and can cause poor decision making.

Always do your research online before heading into the belly of the beast!

Insert motivational quote ie. "to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail" etc

Day 357

Thursday, 22 Dec 2016

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lillliput (avatar)

lillliput Oh wow decisions!!!

2 or 4....But I think 1 matches your personality 😂

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @lillliput DAMN YOU QUICK 😳 ahahaa shoe shopping is haaaaaard

2 years ago

chocolateganache (avatar)

chocolateganache 4! 4!!! Who cares if you already have it in another colour??? Not the loafers or the flats please. Those 2 designs overplayed as well. The loafers also look a bit meh.

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @chocolateganache ahaha straight to the point I love it! 💪🏼

2 years ago

tammaeee (avatar)

tammaeee 4!!!! So pretty and you can never go wrong with black 😛

2 years ago

lynlkc (avatar)

lynlkc 5! It looks special! Plus you can wear it sooner since you have a foot injury and you may have to wait before getting to wear the heels!

2 years ago

Sailermoon (avatar)

Sailermoon 4. Rockstuds never out of style and those are actually decently comfy. Doesn't matter how many pairs you have if it aint broke :)

2 years ago

withfaith (avatar)

withfaith ALLLL THE SHOE QUOTES!! 🙌🏻

2 years ago

jomelchaton (avatar)

jomelchaton I was asked to give a quote to young aspiring lawyers some years ago and my quote was "Always wear good shoes." 😂😂😂

2 years ago

vanilla0o (avatar)

vanilla0o I love those faux-snake skin boots! good choice. Also, most bloggers have run rock studs into the ground. they're nice, but it's like that song you used to love, but the radio has played it one too many times.

2 years ago

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