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Living in a London icon: Phase One of Battersea Power Station

Three or four years ago (I can't remember) I snapped up an apartment in Circus West - the first phase of the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station.

It was a gamble because not just Circus West but the ENTIRE soon-to-be redevelopment was a much-talked about project (developed by Setia and Sime Darby: Malaysia Boleh!) both controversial and welcomed for its ambition and scale.

This isn't just a block of flats, it's a MASSIVE new neighbourhood being built as a "mixed-use destination". 😱

See what I mean? In typical Malaysian condominium style, BPS aims to be the kind of lifestyle complex where you never have to leave the grounds. You want gym? Infinity pool? Restaurants? Theatre and screening rooms? Hai yo se mo dong xi (Everything also got) - just go downstairs! And facilities are for the use of residents so you don't have to, as my soon-to-be-new-neighbour would say: "mingle with the hoi polloi" (yeah, he's going to hell).

I gotta say I love the convenience of condo style living. It's perfect for when you're lazy AF but want to be social: just invite your friends for a big bash hosted in one of the many multi use spaces/ask them to lunch at your building/invite them to your infinity pool PLUS less excuses for not going to the gym (raining? No problem, you don't even have to step outside. WHERE R UR EXCUSES NOW).

Hello infinity pool! It's on the roof of a hotel built on the BPS complex but residences get access to it, naturally.

Quite nice leh when my family visit they can stay in the hotel on the complex instead of squashing up with me in my itty-bitty 2 bedroom flat 😚

So yeah let me tell you a story that's so typical of my derpiness. I visited the Circus West show flat a couple of years ago and blogged about it, took some pictures blah blah blah but didn't really take any measurements because at the time I had no interest in staying there. The plan was to flip the apartment the moment it was finished.

But now I change my mind leh! I wanna move into Circus West and sell my current place instead.


Circus West: building in progress.

Anyway fickle me realised I needed measurements of my new apartment so I could order furnishings to be made for it. I know leh, I'm only moving in 5 months time but still! Do you know long it takes to make bespoke furniture?!

Being a dumbass I simply anyhow search estate agent websites for listings of flats similar to mine. Download their floor plan to use as a guide for my new place and die die squint so hard to read the measurements. 😣

And then I remembered.

Over a year ago Battersea Power Station sent me login details for an account. An account where all my apartment info is listed in great detail.

Including floor plans.

Oh. 😶

Ohhhhhh. 😮

Ohhhhh hello floor plan. High res summore.



Me at the Battersea Power Station Annual Party (Elton John performed! I blogged about it, search Posh, Broke, & Bored).

It's a good thing I'm not unattractive because I swear to god sometimes I don't have enough brain power to function. 😒

3D walk through of Circus West 2 bedroom apartment (show unit).

I'm most looking forward to the Winter Garden! It's the white floored covered outdoor space that spans the entire length of the apartment. Like a communal balcony that connects the master bedroom, second bedroom, and living room.

I'm going to turn my end of the Winter Garden into a mini studio for photography, and the living room end into a reading nook with bean bags and books. 😍🤓

The middle bit? Maybe a spot for doing yoga. 😚😚

This is how I decorate a place - I start by making collages using photos of pieces I want to get a 'feel' for the space.

All of the furniture (except for the Eames lazy chair) in this collage is from IKEA can you believe it? Um this collage isn't for my Circus West flat but rather for my Kuala Lumpur apartment. The style of the KL place is Mid Century Modern whereas my London place will be New Traditional.

I don't need an interior designer - I use Photoshop to get the job done 😏


Just moving my James Gillray print to see how it looks above my bed...

Verdict: it's too tiny. I'll have to find a different place to display it.

I found a spot in the new place for these Hermes prints! On the thin slice of wall between my curtains and my accessories wardrobe. Gotta fill out the awkward corners and in-between spaces!

Current home situation: I've replaced the smoking paraphernalia on that stool with books.

So when I sit in my smoking chair for my morning smoke/cigarette breaks/post-meal fags I pick up a book and read instead. 🚭 📚

I emptied my Fornasetti ashtray and now I use it for loose change I find around the house.

My silver cigarette case now houses my bank cards and business cards.

Lighters are used for candles, not cigarettes.

If you're wondering how my mission to be a non smoker is coming along, the short answer is: HARD.

I'm on Day 6. The first 48 hours were pure hell. Day 3 and 4 were difficult, Day 5 was medium-hard, and today is somewhat easier. Or should I say, less difficult.

So far I've been cold turkey (no vapes or nicotine replacement therapy) and feeling good about it BUT apparently the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are yet to come...

Bring on the clinical depression! I started my smoke free life on the 3rd and the hardest days are the first 21. So by Christmas Eve I should've endured the worst of the soul-crushing misery and withdrawal symptoms?


Motivating myself with the thought of all the things I can buy from the money I'll save from not smoking!

(I used to smoke a pack a day, and a pack is £10.50 leh. Don't play play!)

How about a mint green Leica Sofort?! 😍

Eh limpeh already got 4 instant cameras... 🤔


What about a mint green FIAT 500?!!! 😍😍😍

Lao niang drove a Fiat 500 for the day (check out my blog for my collaboration with Fiat) and freaking loved it leh. It's the perfect city car plus how crazy cute is it in mint green? ❤️

If ever there was a materialistic reason to quit smoking, this mint green car is it.

Speaking of shopping...

Some fun things I've bought/am buying for the new place!

Ordered these nesting bedside tables (I love that phrase - NESTING furniture! So cute can? 😍) for the master bedroom. I placed my order 2 weeks ago and the tables will be ready by April. 😱 See what I mean about having to give your furniture time to be created? It's never too early to shop for your home furnishings.

I am MOST excited for this Chesterfield sofa. 😍😍😍😍😍

It's so perfect for the style I want - New Traditional. A classic shape (chesterfield) in a contemporary finish (linen covering).

And it's in one of my favourite colours leh! Taupe! The actual shade is called Harbour Grey. Aside from dove grey, taupe aka beige grey aka griege is my favourite shade of grey (my other favourite colour is mint green) and I'm going for a soft, neutral feel in the living room. This sofa will pull it all together 👌🏼

I'm going to have the wall across from the sofa covered in mirrors like this!

I have a similar set up in my current living room and it does wonders to open up a space. The space instantly doubles in size and brightness. You can never have too many mirrors!


I love this Haussmann trompe l'oeil wallcovering designed to look like doors! Easy way to add architectural detail and interest to an otherwise flat and soulless surface (or as I call it - a too-modern space 😅).

Where in the apartment would I put this? Maybe on my wardrobe doors?

Ok I need these hanging planters! They'd be perfect hanging over the reading nook in the Winter Garden.

Do you know I have a phobia of soil? Ok lah, not so much a phobia but I'm super grossed out by soil. 🙃 Yes, it gives life and flowers grow in it etc...but so do worms and bugs eeeewww. 😖

Air plants are perfect for me - all the green, none of the gross. Just like these babies here! #SayNoToSoil

Speaking of mirrored walls, I'm having mirrored cabinets like these installed in my master bedroom (same layout too).

Picture a floor to ceiling, wall to wall row of mirrored cabinets (oh wait you don't have to, I've already uploaded an image 😅), opposite the bed. Creating the illusion of a larger, airier room while utilising the space to store....my handbags and shoes. 😊

Lol my actual wardrobe is less than half the size of my accessories closet but NBD that's what chests and rails are for 😉

For the kitchen (open plan, leading into the living room) I want a mint green and white marble setup.

This will be a bitch to pull off because the apartment kitchen has already been built and the fittings are...darker than a cynic's soul. We're talking black granite/dark-stained walnut oak/dark grey kitchen cabinets.


Rather than paint the kitchen cabinets and replace the counters I might use wallpaper on the cabinets and contact paper on the counters? As a temporary solution? 🤔

Ahhh those pale shades 😚😚😚

That grey. 😳

What about a matching bathroom?

Holy smokes that pale grey cabinet, gold fittings, and white marble is making my heart go thump thump.

Oh wait that's mainly the soundtrack for Planet Earth 2 and my nicotine withdrawals talking. 😅😅😅

But also this bathroom!

BRB gotta go browse Pinterest 🌬

Day 343

Thursday, 8 Dec 2016

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chasingnorthernlight (avatar)

chasingnorthernlight I heard a rumour that going to the sauna / steam room makes your sweat the nicotine out. Hence easier?

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @chasingnorthernlight oh! I've never heard of that but I'm going to look it up, thank you for the tip! ✌🏻️

2 years ago

aryaalatsas (avatar)

aryaalatsas This is the most amazing Dayre post I've read in months 😂 Good luck with the move!

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @aryaalatsas ahahaha lol thank you! Also I move to have NUFFNANG UK HQ relocated to the office/retail spaces in Battersea Power Station 😏

2 years ago

chocolateganache (avatar)

chocolateganache Hey hey, I just got inspiration for my partially renovated bathroom! My shower wall tiles are similar to the ones in the pic! Thanks 😂 and all the best with the shopping!

2 years ago

chasingnorthernlight (avatar)

chasingnorthernlight Ahhhhahahhha the #saynotosoil !!!! I second that!!! And I need to comment the 2nd time to say that I love your description of the new apartment. Bcus I've similar taste too haha 😅😅

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @chocolateganache Good luck with the bathroom renovation! I'm so jealous, I have nothing to renovate right now 😂

2 years ago

Poshbrokebored (avatar)

Poshbrokebored @chasingnorthernlight comrades, let us take arms and join the soil-less revolution! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

2 years ago

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