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Got a basket of roses from the hubs 😂 One look I know, it’s a last min order. Hahahaha okay, but better than nothing. Honestly, I wasn’t expect anything because motherhood has been too overwhelming.

And Valentine’s Day coincide with our dating anniversary.

So 4 years ago... he asked if i wanna go steady with him.

JUST KIDDING. That wasn’t the exact words he used hahahaha.

Us, 4 years ago. Young and wild.

Now... we are just 2 pandas walking around with a baby.

Look at this angry bird. I cannot stand her angry bird hair 😂😂😂

I know self praise is no praise, but omg look at her, she is so cute in this video.

Honestly, I don’t think Heather is a pretty or like extremely cute baby, I mean in terms of appearance. I very honest one okay.

But she is extremely smart at her age.

Qinjie sneak out of the room quietly when she is asleep, and if Heather is not in deep sleep and notice her, she will spit out her pacifier and start screaming.

Heather has some milk rash so I bought some medicated cream for her to apply. The moment Qinjie whip out the cream, she started to fake cry 😂 we only applied it ONCE, and she remembers.

When Qinjie is feeding her milk (tv switched off), I am sitting beside them, looking at some videos on my phone... Heather turn her head to the tv, and turn back to Qinjie again for 3x. Qinjie was saying that she is wondering how come there’s no light from the tv but there’s sound.

Don’t underestimate babies. They learnt fast. Really fast.

Heather surely know the way of getting what she wants. Sometimes, Qinjie, my helper and me don’t know to laugh or cry. Hahahahaha.

We laugh at her cute and funny actions. She is such a drama queen.

But we cry when she insisted her way and refused to be tame.

I can’t believe I had this little one in my tummy for 9months 😍

Day 46

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

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