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CNY / Mil & CL woes

新年快乐 万事如意 心想事成 生体健康 发大财!

From my little family to yours 💖

Just as I thought I would be having a hard time bringing the new born out... oh god I was so wrong.

She slept throughout the visiting.

No cry, no fuss, no waking up for milk. For 4-5 hours STRAIGHT, first time like that leh.

Then you know what?

The moment I reached home, jialat alr. Cry and scream the whole night. Change diapers, feed milk, burp, change diapers, hungry on repeat.

Dear Princess, would you have mercy on me? PLEASE.

I only did ONE night duty after my confinement nanny (Qin Jie) left. The rest was done by my dear Husband (thank god for him 😘). And I was so drained alr.

I can’t wait for my Qin Jie to be back!!! Oh, I know a lot of you emailed me in regards to Qin Jie’s contact, just so you know, she is fully booked this entire year. I know right it’s damn kua zhang. Dec she is not working because her son’s getting married. I think she can take in one more for Oct-Nov period but again... that person probably wouldn’t know she’s pregnant (now) 😂 yea, she is just high demand like that.

But I got to say... my groceries bill is BOOMZ. You cannot imagine.

Qin Jie only buy the best PREMIUM ingredients to cook. Just the herbal stuff alone is like... $1k or more?

She is super dedicated that I think she didn’t sleep much at all. We insisted that she should nap in the noon, but napping is the least of her priority. She will always make sure she finished her kitchen works first, settle baby, then nap. If not, she will skip nap totally.


Heather is really not the easiest baby, ESPECIALLY at night.

I think Qin Jie is only surviving on like 3-4 hours of sleep a day.

But she spends a lot of money on marketing lah hahahaha.

And... I think she doesn’t work well with Mother in laws and husbands. LOL.

Sometimes, she is pretty straightforward and likes to “meddle” with things. She will provide her opinions (nothing related to confinement or babies) and if you are sensitive, you might not like it.

For me, I don’t give a shit because she takes care of Heather really well and I am happy.

For my mil, I think it’s a case of - never put 2 women in the same kitchen 😂

But that day, she did something that I was shocked.

My mil was making Milo in the kitchen. She went on to open the fridge, took out the milk and wanted to pour abit into her Milo.

When Qin Jie saw, she said something like - eh you cannot drink the milk, it’s for Hui Yun (my Chinese name).


I know lah Qin Jie meant no harm, but of course, my mil is offended lah.

Aunties have politics also okay. Oh wells.

I still love Qin Jie regardless! Hahahahaha.


Everyone say she is very guai. Sleeping of course guai lah.

She is just so pretentious like her mummy hahahahaha.

Finally able to fit into my pre pregnancy shorts, with a bulging tummy though (but better than cannot fit into it at all) 😂

See Heather’s full head of hair from the Philips Avent Baby Monitor screen. Hahahaha. She looks like a boy lah.

Day 39

Friday, 8 Feb 2019

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untraceme (avatar)

untraceme Bahahha my MIL also don’t like her. And my Husband say she talk too much. But I will still reengage her if I have second baby😹😹 she’s also quite humble la. When my husband black face to her, she apologised for being too Kaypo and talkative so all’s well.

1 month ago

Ohnomymilo (avatar)

Ohnomymilo My baby was also like Heather... slept throughout when we were out for visiting, came back and wrecked havoc! Think they weren’t in deep sleep so they were uncomfortable.

1 month ago

sshhuuyyii (avatar)

sshhuuyyii Hahaha. The way you describe your qin jie & mil. 🤣 Anyway at least baby Heather give you face ok, she never fuss in front of all your guests. I think all of us went thru a hard night after cny visiting.

1 month ago

Poppyaffair (avatar)

Poppyaffair @untraceme I feel you! When she talks non stop, my Husband will secretly WhatsApp me and say she is too talkative and he is falling asleep 😂 I will definitely reengage her too! Her pork and fish paste beancurd skin shit is really good! Omg my Husband also black face to her hahahahaha yea and she will stop after that. I still love her lah. She is the only one that can provide me with some sanity 😂

@Ohnomymilo no matter how I wake her up, she refused to. Come home pattern all out. Kill me please.

@sshhuuyyii these 2 aunties giving me headache I tell you. She give me hard nights every day LOL. I really bopi bopi things will get better!

1 month ago

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