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Who’s back to the grind?

It’s me!!!

Went for cny Lou Hei luncheon with the team and managed to jailbreak motherhood for half a day.

Sorry but not sorry, I FEEL SO HUMAN AGAIN. It has been long since I can wear whatever dress I want, and carry whatever bag I want.

Now that I see my jujube (Heather’s diaper bag) I also sian. So difficult to match it with my dresses.

A rare blurry photo of Heather that looks like a baby girl.

It’s so unfair that baby girl usually look like shit in the initial years, because of the hair 😂 I cant wait for her hair to grow longer!!!

A little milestone for the mama! Managed to cut her nails for the very first time! It’s not as scary as I thought it would be.

I tell you what’s the scariest... wearing socks for her.


That night I tried to wear socks for the kicking Heather in the middle of the night. I didn’t manage to fit it in for a few times. She scream murder for 1 hour. Talking about bearing grudges huh...

Finally I see some eyelashes!!! I was so upset when she didn’t have eyelashes in the first 2-3 weeks. But heng ah... it came out on the 4th week.

Life has been much better because... I hired a helper. Really salute those solo parenting & breastfeeding mummies. How do y’all do it?

#dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

I am quite upset to say that... I am stopping breastfeeding in a week’s time. Even though I have a helper, I don’t intend to let her do the night shifts. Hubs won’t be able to help out because he needs to work in the day (not that I don’t have to work) but I don’t wanna risk it since his job is very high risk.

Heather takes around 45mins to finish her milk, sometimes longer if she throws tantrums, change diapers, then refused to sleep after that. She wake up every 2 hours for milk. If I were to pump 3-4 hourly, I don’t even need to sleep. Next day I still have to work leh. Don’t ask me to latch, it’s such a frustrating process for me and for her.

I am sorry, even if I am a bad mama, my sanity comes first. With sanity, I can take care of her better. As long as she is fed. I just feel abit pity lah.

Day 44

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

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hamburgershiny (avatar)

hamburgershiny hugs you are doing great! ❤❤ and looking wonderful leh I am 14months pp and still got mumtum 😪

1 month ago

CherylxOng (avatar)

CherylxOng Total feel you. Been EPing too for the past 4 weeks since my boy’s birth cos we have difficulties latching and i’m ready to throw in the towel (but hubby doesnt support 🙄). Its mentally and physically exhausting, not to mention taking time away from bonding!

1 month ago

13012018 (avatar)

13012018 @Poppyaffair u look vey good. can share with me your masseur's contact, pls?

1 month ago

Poppyaffair (avatar)

Poppyaffair @hamburgershiny I have tummy but you can’t tell from the photo 😂 motherhood drives me crazy sometimes hahaha. Can’t wait for Heather to grow bigger then can play date with baby K! 💛💛

@CherylxOng jiayou babe! Anything for your sanity 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 take care of yourself first before you can take care of baby!

@13012018 Aunty Lina - 97123934

1 month ago

13012018 (avatar)

13012018 thx! @Poppyaffair is ur masseur good?

1 month ago

hamburgershiny (avatar)

hamburgershiny HAHA i know there were some very dark days indeed. But it will get better soon! 🙌🏻😘😘 Yes of course! K will be so excited to see a baby Meimei 🤩

1 month ago

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