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It’s official.

My confinement nanny left this noon, back to Malaysia to celebrate CNY with her family, even though I have extended another 2 more weeks with her.

She will only be back on the 9th or 10th.

Which means...

I have to take care of Heather for the next one week!!!

Confinement nanny left barely half a day and I wanna cry. I haven’t even take over the night shift yet.

Because Heather is not a easy baby. She is DAMN FEISTY.

I got to admit, at some point of time, I wanted to give up breastfeeding.

Because I figured out... IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to pump and care for baby at the same time!

How do yall, mummies, do it?!!!

#dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

Heather’s feeding interval is around approximately 2-3hours.

We take around 1hour to feed her. And sometimes, she doesn’t finish the whole bottle of milk. Because... cranky or she just fall asleep and refused to wake up. When we wake her up, she will scream like nobody’s business.

And then... she poo after every feed. When you change diapers for her... she will be wide awake AGAIN.


Are all babies like that?!!!

How to find time to pump in between?!

I really wanna cry 😭

Day 33

Saturday, 2 Feb 2019

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tianl (avatar)

tianl I put baby in stroller and use leg to rock the stroller while pumping!

1 month ago

Poppyaffair (avatar)

Poppyaffair @tianl that’s so smart of you! I don’t know if she wanted to be put down or not but I can try! Let you know if it works. Thanks babe 💛

1 month ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars i totally understand. solo parenting here 🙋🏻‍♀️
and pumping doesn’t go hand in hand with pumping. so im pumping like twice a day, if im lucky, i’ll get to pump thrice a day.

1 month ago

Hislittleones (avatar)

Hislittleones double pump right after she feed! get all your parts ready to go so that u can do it and finish up within 30 mins max.

1 month ago

DreamerGirl (avatar)

DreamerGirl Do you latch or are you an ep mum like me?

1 month ago

Poppyaffair (avatar)

Poppyaffair @nite_stars you supplement with fm? I don’t mind pumping only thrice a day and supplement with fm if my boobs doesn’t hurt or I won’t get engorgement 😂

@Hislittleones right after she feed sometimes she fall asleep (which is good). But sometimes she gets very cranky because she pooped. And I will need to change the diapers and she refused to sleep or be put down 😭🤷🏻‍♀️

@DreamerGirl I am a ep mum :)

1 month ago

xiaochar (avatar)

xiaochar Hi, my LC advise me to change diaper halfway through the nursing session as baby will be more awake after changing diaper so you can try to change diaper during the feeding session instead of after when baby tends to be sleepy alr

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll Taking 1 hour to finish is too long, what bottles are you using?

1 month ago

shiyunnn_ (avatar)

shiyunnn_ It’s kind of difficult if you have an active baby like mine who doesnt sleep v well haha that’s why i started latching exclusively when i was all alone! Wayyyy easier and less stuff to do like no washing!

1 month ago

DreamerGirl (avatar)

DreamerGirl Same! :)
I usually pump after I feed her. So whilst pumping I either leave her on playmat and entertain her or bouncer. If she wants to sleep I’ll put in the yao lan or on my bed. Hope this helps!
We can stretch pumps but baby can’t wait for food so I follow her cues

1 month ago

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