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August 2019

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having a baby with congenital illness

This has been on my mind for the longest time but I do not have the courage to write about this...A little background of the story. I am a financial service consultant (insurance agent if you like to call me that 😂) and I ALWAYS ask people to buy their maternity insurance or get your baby insured the moment the baby is out (earliest 14 days old).Then people will say, you are a insurance agent, of course you sell your ko-yolk (pun intended) lah.But that's not entirely true because...

HELP NEEDED #dayremummies #dayrebabies

July 2019

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short summary of my motherhood days

I no longer post as much on dayre because I don't find my life interesting anymore.I am definitely not complaining because even though my life is pretty much mundane and having the same routine over and over again, my heart is full. And it has always been this case.After I had baby Heather, my life just revolves around her. I got Sari (helper) to help me out, I go to work to take a breather from motherhood hahaha, and occasionally still get my date nights with my husband.

June 2019

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not a daddy's girl

Look at my 38 daughter. Tip toes and striking a pose while watching TV. Hahahaha

have you read about the CL from hell?

Wahhhhhh. I just read this article about this confinement nanny from hell.

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when can I start solids for my baby

Ever since I changed to Huawei P30 pro, I kena credit card fraud thrice 🤦🏻‍♀️ Times like this... I really wish I didn’t give up on my old trusty iPhone for something new. Every single time when I decided to betray Apple for something else, I regretted. Is this a punishment for not being loyal to Apple? Hahahaha. So I went to reset my Huawei and guess what?

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