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Happy Fishes 🐠 vs Aqua Ducks πŸ¦†

Back at swim class at Happy Fishes

Continuing my swim school reviews from 2 weeks ago πŸ™Š

Based on our experience, the contrast between Happy Fishes and Aqua Ducks is huge...


The Pool


as you can see... it’s a large indoor pool. Heated of course. Can get pretty warm n stuffy for me - the spectator keke Good for the kiddos tho, they won’t catch a cold!

It’s divided into 6 small stripes n yes, at some point, there can be 6 lessons going on at the same time. We’ve only gone on weekends tho.. weekdays should be less happening?

It’s all serious business. It reminds me of those Chinese gymnastics training halls where young kids are forced(?) to train for the Olympics. Oops ζƒ³θ±‘εŠ›ε€ͺ丰富


They have a comparatively small pool. It’s outdoors in a shaded area and it’s heated. There can be mosquitoes and for one lesson, it was very windy and breezy and the feedback from my husband is that it got pretty chilly even for him.

This is half the pool. At one point, there can only be two lessons going on.

The space is bigger than that of Happy Fishes.

I luuuurrrvvve the outdoor pool. I’ll usually find a nice spot, plonk my chair down and watch the lesson. The vibe is very fun and chill.

The Lesson


Students are all lined up in a row, and it always start of with a round of “kicking” while the instructor comes round to pour water over the baby’s head.

And then come the drills!

Babies “swim” up and down while floating on their tummies.

Babies “swims” up and down while floating on their backs.

Babies do a 1s submerge and glide.

And repeat five times in that 30 mins


Babies ζŽ’ζŽ’η«™, learning how to hold on to the side of the pool. It’s suppose to be a survival skill.

Once in a while, the babies get a bit of a fun activity like “jumping” up and down in the pool

Like I said, it’s serious business here. It’s Joseph Schooling in the making.


Lessons here always start with a round of picking toys.

The babies “swim” and splash around going after the floating toys, trying to pick them up and returning them to the instructor. The instructor then goes round pouring water on the babies, and picking them up, swirling them around and dipping the sides of the face into the water.

Being swirled around

Up and...

Face dip!

There were some practice drills of “swimming” up and down but mostly “fun” stuff like swirling and splashing around, swimming after toys etc There is a lot of singing and and the instructors really want to keep the babies engage. She would high five the babies individually after they complete each “task”

For one class, the instructor took out a mat and the babies were encouraged to crawl across!

Here’s Bao trying to get to his daddy while everyone else cheered on!!

I always have the best time at Aquaducks watching the classes. The classes for the older kids also looked like so much fun. There are no drills, they are always trying to jump and dive into the water, or swimming through an underwater loop, running across the mats and sliding into the pool ... super fun!!!!!

So which is better?


Certainly, both methods have its pros and cons. What seems fun from an adults’ perspective may not be so from the babies’ perspective?

But for kids for don’t like water, perhaps Aquaducks is a better place to start.

We went to the Dempsey outlet of Aquaducks and there were a lot of ang moh students. Felt like an international school. On contrary, Happy Fishes gotta be an MOE-approved SG school πŸ™Š

For us, we started swimming lessons for Bao as a bonding activity for my husband and him. My husband thinks that we can’t be sitting at home all day playing with toys. Uh huh

So clearly Aquaducks would have made for a better choice for us coz the lessons are more interactive? Alas, Aquaducks does not have outlets in the East. We travelled 3 times all the way from Pasir Ris to Dempsey.. quite an effort and took up a lot of time.

I remember my husband saying that during the very first class at Happy Fisher, the instructor set out the objective for the semester. Which is something along the lines of baby being able to really swim or something. Oops I can’t remember. Very goal specific. Task driven.

At Aquaducks, the instructor followed up with our friend who referred us, and asked if Bao enjoyed the classes. He is usually quite stoned and expressionless so we don’t know if he did, but I sure did 😜

Day 90

Sunday, 31 Mar 2019

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untraceme (avatar)

untraceme You make aqua ducks sound so fun but the locations are so far away from me!

3 months ago

Polkadottedpumpkin (avatar)

Polkadottedpumpkin @untraceme exactly why we went with happy fishes instead! And coz my husband, who always went into the pool with baby, claimed that baby “improved a lot after the drills”!!

3 months ago

Polkadottedpumpkin (avatar)

Polkadottedpumpkin @untraceme soufflé is swimming well with happy fishes tho?

3 months ago

miniyouorme (avatar)

miniyouorme im gg for aquaducks trial soon! so did u sign up for aquaducks? i certainly want my son to have fun more than doing the drills!

3 months ago

miniyouorme (avatar)

miniyouorme oh wait u signed up for happy fishes instead

3 months ago

Polkadottedpumpkin (avatar)

Polkadottedpumpkin @miniyouorme lol yeah we did. All the aquaducks outlets are tooo far! Have fun at aquaducks!

3 months ago

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