Polkadottedpumpkin (avatar)
updated 3 months ago


Why is the hood of the ergo baby carrier so small?!

Bao keeps peeking out and couldn’t get to sleep.

Is there a larger version somewhere which can provide a fuller coverage?

I use a blanket now to layer over but it doesn’t look very pretty? Or maybe I should just buy a prettier blanket


Day 96

Saturday, 6 Apr 2019

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tinkerjans (avatar)

tinkerjans i use a blanket to cover either on tula or ergo too! they v kpo like to keep looking then dont wanna sleep 😪 for aesthetics... after they sleep then remove the blanket lol

3 months ago

arnost (avatar)

arnost Yup. I also use a pretty cloth to cover the baby. Not difficult.

3 months ago

miniyouorme (avatar)

miniyouorme i always wanna cover with blanket BUT will there be very stale/stagnant air? i always worried baby cant breathe...

3 months ago

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