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April 2019

Me: Given a choice, would you voluntarily go through BMT all over again?Husband: *shook head in disbelief that I even asked such a question* 😳Me: that’s exactly how I feel about having to be pregnant and give birth again Husband: *silence*For once, I managed to leave my husband speechless Me - 1; Husband - 0And yup, no plans to have a second kid. The human mind works in a strange unexplainable way tho. We retain the good mostly and forget the pain easily. So we’ll see...

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Bao is down with flu and cough. Nothing very serious. But since he doesn’t know how to blow his nose or cough out the phlegm, he gets very uncomfortable and looks quite miserable. This is him waking up prematurely from his nap and crying non stop. Took PM leave and brought him to the pd Hope he feels better soon!#dayremummies

When I was breastfeeding “full-time”, I never had to go hungry. I mean, I was hungry all the time. But once the hunger pangs hit, I’ll reach out for something to eat. No guilt at that somemore. Coz the more I ate, the more milk I could have! Plus, I ate relatively healthy stuff only. But after breastfeeding for 9 months, I’m so not used to 忍饿! Not that I was good at it to begin with! Sigh. No choice tho. In the spirit of 减肥 😭#dayremummies

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